Traditional Bread Dough Art or Masapán is a folk art that originated in the town of Calderón Ecuador and has been practiced primarily by women for many generations. This artwork is typically displayed in homes, on altars and in cemeteries during “Dia de Los Muertos”. 

The technique you will learn was created by Ecuadorian artist Margarita Reza Povea, who popularized the version of the art form that we know today. 

In this class you will learn how to prepare the dough, use colors, fabricate objects and shapes to create beautiful pieces of art to display for 

“Dia de Los Muertos”. 

Using everyday utensils and tools, you will learn how to make skulls, Coronas de Muertos, flower arrangements, toys, dolls and more. 

Materials Provided: 

Bread Dough and Colors

Please bring your own cookie cutters. 

Class instructor & DETAILS 

Milton Antonio Juardo Alvarado “MAJA” is a well-respected Ecuadorian artist based in Los Angeles. He was instrumental in establishing renowned art studio “Self Help Graphics” and is now known for creating functional art; hand painted and decorated furniture and home decor. His work is widely collected and he is a repeat exhibitor at the Frogtown Artwalk. 

$40.00 Class Fee /$5.00 For Community Members

To sign up for class, go to or call 323 285 1793. Leave name and number, 


Elysian Valley United Community Center

2812 Newell Street
Los Angeles , CA 90039