Friday, October 21, 2016

AAY Summer

Where Everybody Knows Your Name


This post is a love letter to my fellow AAY! members and friends at All About You! Fitness & Nutrition: After three years of regularly attending AAY! I am thrilled with the results in my stamina, strength, and ability to keep fitting into my jeans. But, that’s not what keeps me coming back—it’s the people. Read More »

Accountability via Community


I first joined AAY! when they started nearly 10 years ago and it makes me proud to say that Nar and Elaine have not lost sight of their vision since they began. They mean it when they say accountability via community. And for me, this is truly what sets AAY! apart from other programs. Read More »

From “Hangry” to Healthy


After working out at AAY! for about six months I felt that I was making progress, but I also knew there was room for improvement. I noticed that other members who were participating in the Nutrition Program were more fit, energetic & dedicated to consistent workouts. Read More »

“I Love To Feel Strong”


My muscles were shaking. I didn’t know if I could do even one more squat. Finally, we reached the last repetition, but then came those dreaded words, “Hold it. Go lower. Now pulse.” Who knew a little five-pound medicine ball would make the workout that much tougher? Read More »

Feel Like a Superhero!


I was never an athletic person. I never played team sports. Well, I did run cross-country for one year in high school, but I was the slowest runner on the team. However, since I became a member of AAY!, the way I perceive myself has changed. ... Read More »

My Favorite Workout: The Bouncy House


My favorite AAY! cardio workout so far has been the “Bouncy House Obstacle Course.” I remember being a kid thinking bouncy houses were the life of any party and I looked forward to any event that had one. When I heard our next AAY! workout would ... Read More »

Sweat-Drenched Workouts With A HUG


Three years ago, after going through some rough times and lots of stress, I found myself eating a consistent diet of French fries and draught beer until my clothes stopped fitting. I knew I was making myself sick and needed to find a solution. Tipped off ... Read More »

Each Workout Makes Me Want More!


Three months ago, I began to think about my summer fitness goals and that “beach body” that we all dream to have, but hardly ever attain. I mean, more often than not our goals are unrealistic, and the gym can be a scary place. Afraid of ... Read More »