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Spinning Deals In East Hollywood

Sunset Bike House is a Certified Spinning® studio created by its lead instructor as a place where you can not only work on your physical well-being, but where you can bring your mind and spirit into focus as well. Our studio is truly a neighborhood spin studio, with an emphasis on providing its clients with the best workout routines, all ... Read More »

Eagle Rock mall to make room for new fitness center

EAGLE ROCK —  Fitness 19, which operates a nationwide chain of low-cost fitness centers, is planning to open an approximately 17,000-square-foot facility in the Eagle Rock Plaza. The new fitness center would include cardio and strength equipment as well as space for indoor cycling and a wide variety of classes ranging from yoga and and Zumba to kickboxing and boot ... Read More »

Outdoor Park Gyms: The Good, The Bad and the Smoking-Optional

“Did you see? Over there?” asks Tony Kurkowski as he looked in the direction of a man who had used the colorful outdoor fitness equipment at Sycamore Park in Highland Park. The exerciser was walking off after his workout with a cigarette dangling in his mouth. “Well, I guess that’s another benefit of exercising outdoors – you can smoke!” Read More »

East L.A. park goers welcome improvements

EAST LOS ANGELES -- This summer Atlantic Park in East L.A. got some upgrades that, although summer has officially ended, the community will continue to make use of, especially with the continuing warm weather which keeps many enjoying the outdoors well into the evening hours. Read More »

Eagle Rock Yacht Club holding spring dodgeball sign-ups!

Submitted by Calvin Eagle Rock Yacht Club The Eagle Rock Yacht Club, an LA-based adult dodgeball league and non-profit, is currently accepting sign-ups for the upcoming Spring season which kicks off on April 15th. With leagues in Glassell Park and Highland Park, you’ve got options to choose from! Re-live your favorite childhood game, meet new people, get exercise (without even ... Read More »

Bulletin Board: Morning swim workout in Echo Park

Submitted by Southern California Aquatics Tired of the treadmill? Restless from sitting in traffic? Come swim it out with us at Southern California Aquatics Swim Club (adults only). No swimming experience needed, you do not need to be an Olympian, or even a former competitive swimmer. We have workouts for every skill level, and our practices can fit most work ... Read More »

Perhaps a poem will get you to work out at the Hermon Fitness Zone

HERMON — The five pieces of new outdoor fitness equipment in Hermon Park are intended to improve public health. But who knew they would also serve as poetic inspiration? With the Department of Recreation and Parks planning a grand opening this afternoon, Mark Legassie penned a poem, WHY I NEED the Hermon Fitness Zone, that was published in the most ... Read More »

Residents worked up over Silver Lake Meadow exercise classes

SILVER LAKE —   The  1990s dance hit “The Power” blares from a portable stereo as a group of men and woman do push ups on colorful mats spread across the Silver Lake Meadow. “Nice job!” yells the fitness instructor leading the group. “Stay strong! Stay strong!”  This is a Monday evening Full Body Conditioning class, the last of three outdoor ... Read More »

Start off your Tuesdays with a morning hike through Debs Park

MONTECITO HEIGHTS — The Audubon Center at Debs Park has begun organizing Tuesday morning hikes though the hilly park. Interim Director Jill Sourial started the hikes in August, with plans to continue them through September. “We have been taking various routes up to the pond and back – about an hour of easy hiking,” said Sourial. “There are a lot ... Read More »

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

This post is a love letter to my fellow AAY! members and friends at All About You! Fitness & Nutrition: After three years of regularly attending AAY! I am thrilled with the results in my stamina, strength, and ability to keep fitting into my jeans. But, that’s not what keeps me coming back—it’s the people. Read More »

Feel Like a Superhero!

I was never an athletic person. I never played team sports. Well, I did run cross-country for one year in high school, but I was the slowest runner on the team. However, since I became a member of AAY!, the way I perceive myself has changed. In the first few months of attending their workouts, I learned to appreciate my ... Read More »

My Favorite Workout: The Bouncy House

My favorite AAY! cardio workout so far has been the “Bouncy House Obstacle Course.” I remember being a kid thinking bouncy houses were the life of any party and I looked forward to any event that had one. When I heard our next AAY! workout would include a bouncy house, I was beyond thrilled. The other members and I pushed ... Read More »

Sweat-Drenched Workouts With A HUG

Three years ago, after going through some rough times and lots of stress, I found myself eating a consistent diet of French fries and draught beer until my clothes stopped fitting. I knew I was making myself sick and needed to find a solution. Tipped off by scores of glowing reviews online, I took advantage of the introductory month at ... Read More »