Friday, October 28, 2016

Active Eastsider-Pilates & Yoga

The Reformation Station: A Story Of Strength in Lincoln Heights


"So close.” Words I’ve heard a lot lately. The first week of my latest foray with Pilates, I wondered if progress would ever be made. Engaging my core, flexing my feet, and relaxing my shoulders while performing a modified sit up seemed impossible. Trying to attend classes three times a week has revealed some improvement, but after seven months, hearing that I’m “so close” still rings out. Read More »

Man Up With Pilates


Joseph Pilates, boxer, wrestler, and fitness innovator conceived The Pilates Method a century ago. He invented spring-loaded apparatus and hundreds of stretch and strengthen exercises that emphasize alignment and core strength. This workout program is great for guys: it increases flexibility, range of motion and helps ... Read More »

Pilates & Arts ~ Echo Park: Celebrating All Arts


In a soaring space illuminated with natural light, the clients of Pilates & Arts ~ Echo Park train on a top-quality line of Pilates apparatus in a soothing and welcoming environment that one client described as a “Zen living room.” But what makes Pilates & Arts ... Read More »