The price of preserving an El Sereno community space has gone way up

El SERENO —  Earlier this month the Eastside Cafe, a Huntington Drive community space and collective, launched an ambitious $180,000 fundraiser to buy their corner building after a real estate investor had tried to buy the property. The good news for Eastside Cafe is that the investor is no longer interested in buying the property, allowing the collective to enter into escrow. ... Read More »

Miry’s List: How an Eagle Rock woman uses crowd sourcing and social media to help refugees

EAGLE ROCK -- When Miry Whitehill visited the home of refugees who had arrived from Syria only weeks before, she was shocked by what she saw. The family’s apartment was nearly empty and lacked some basic essentials, like a refrigerator and a crib. “This woman had a baby the same age as mine and was not able to put her baby down because she didn’t have anywhere to put him,” said Whitehill. That’s when Whitehill decided that something needed to be done. Read More »

Can historic designation save an Echo Park bungalow court?

ECHO PARK - Are a set of bungalows from the 1920s historically significant? As developers try to replace the Spanish-Revival style dwellings at 1456 Echo Park Avenue with as many as a dozen new three-story homes, one tenant has nominated the 94-year-old cluster of residences as a historic cultural monument. Read More »

Eagle Rock church fills empty shoe boxes with holiday spirit and gifts

EAGLE ROCK — Volunteers gathered at the Eagle Rock Baptist Church on Saturday to pack 750 empty shoe boxes with toys, school supplies and hygiene items for needy children in more than 100 countries as part of Operation Christmas Child.  The Colorado Boulevard church has also served as one of 60 spots across L.A. and Orange counties were donors were able ... Read More »

A symbol of safety and support in Echo Park and Silver Lake

ECHO PARK — Melissa Newman and partner Salvador Avila spent Sunday walking through Echo Park and Silver Lake, handing out the new symbol of solidarity – safety pins – popular among those concerned about the election of Donald Trump as president. After Newman and Avila purchased more than 300 safety pins and a blue box at the Echo Park Walgreens, they ... Read More »

Highland Park rent strikers face eviction

HIGHLAND PARK — Eviction notices are being issued in a rent strike at the Marmion Royal as the confrontation between tenants and landlord escalates, according to the L.A. Times. After the new owners began raising rents on renovated units by 50% earlier this year, the tenants said in late June that they planned to withhold rent. They also demanded that the owners ... Read More »

“I just don’t see this mass-scale gentrification happening” — Boyle Heights councilman on neighborhood change

BOYLE HEIGHTS — Councilman Jose Huizar has a message for those fighting gentrification in his home district of Boyle Heights: Don’t overstate the threat, and lay off the militant tactics. In an L.A. Times story this week about anti-gentrification forces in Boyle Heights, Huizar said: don’t think we will see the mass-scale change of demographics in Boyle Heights — by demographics, ... Read More »

Moby On Board: New Silver Lake Reservoir advocacy group gains “Forward” momentum [correction]

SILVER LAKE -- Amid the saga of draining and someday refilling the Silver Lake Reservoir, residents may have noticed a new advocacy group getting mentioned over and over — especially at the June 30 town hall meeting with the L.A. Department of Water and Power. One speaker after another identified themselves as a member of Silver Lake Forward - a group that has pulled together longtime conservation advocates with various media professionals who include the musician Moby. Read More »