Sundays Cat

Sunday’s Cat: A wise old lady named Skunk

ANGELENO HEIGHTS — Danielle Davis describes skunk as a “wise old lady” who reigns as the matriarch of her family. “Her favorite pastimes include pushing objects off of flat surfaces, coughing up large fur balls and hanging out with her human dad,” said Davis. “Pictured here she is overseeing her queendom from under her favorite fern.” Meet More Sunday’s Cats More ... Read More »

Sunday’s Cat: Stretching out with Ben

EAGLE ROCK —   Bobbi Hale says her year-old cat, Ben, loves nothing more than a good stretch, especially on a window sill.  “I adopted Ben when he was about 6 weeks old from the South Pasadena ASPC. He is really silly, full of energy & loves playing with my granddaughters.” Meet More Sunday’s Cats More  Eagle Rock stories Read More »

Sunday’s Cat: What big eyes you have, June

ATWATER VILLAGE —  Jim De Luca says it’s hard to compete for  attention when his girlfriend’s cat, June, is around. “If June and I were both stuck in a burning building, I’m fairly certain [my girlfriend] would save the cat instead of me. I mean … it’s hard to compete with those huge eyes. I never stood a chance.” Meet ... Read More »

Sunday’s Cat: Nothing like taking a cat nap on your back

ANGELENO HEIGHTS — Nancy Lee describes Sky as “an independent and loving Siamese who likes to nap on her favorite chair on my front porch … sometimes on her back.” Got a cute cat photo and details to share? Submit it here Meet More Sunday’s Cats More Angeleno Heights stories Read More »

Sunday’s Cat: Grace likes a window seat

EAGLE ROCK  —  A cozy spot next to a window is where Grace likes to hang out, says Michael Shilstone. “Grace is a recent transplant from the East Coast who, like many of us transplants, quickly fell in love with the weather and L.A.’s mid-century modernism. She could not be happier than in her little sunny window in Eagle Rock.” Got ... Read More »

Sunday’s Cat: Rudy on duty in Virgil Village

VIRGIL VILLAGE  —  Susan Suhar Phillips describes Rudy is as  our “watch cat” who keeps an eye on things.  “He roams the perimeter of our yard and sits on guard by our fence. He’s roaring in this pic – or might be yawning.” Got a cute cat photo and details to share? Submit it here Meet More Sunday’s Cats Read More »

Sunday’s Cat: Schubert from Echo Park loves tulips

ECHO PARK  — Elyse Lattanzio says Schubert, her roommate’s cat, has a thing for tulips. “He may look innocent, but he’s trying to eat the leaves off of our tulips,” said Lattanzio. “Five seconds after I took this [photo], he stepped on a piano key and scared the crap out of himself.” Got a cute cat photo and details to share? ... Read More »

Sunday’s Cat: Dexter from Mount Washington

MOUNT WASHINGTON —  Todd Frankel took the photo of the family cat, Dexter, as he stepped down the stairway and into a patch of morning light. “I love the light and the decisive movement of my MT Washington cat in this mornings.” Got a cat photo and details to share? Submit it here Meet More Sunday’s Cats More Mount Washington stories Read More »