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Old Echo Park bank gets a new paint job

The Bank of America branch at the corner of Echo Park Avenue and Sunset Boulevard is going from a shade of gray to a cream color. Now if they could only get rid of those big, red plastic signs, which detract from the decorative columns and plaster work. The branch is perhaps Echo Park’s oldest business. The Echo Park Historical ... Read More »

Will Voodoo dolls cast a magic spell on Echo Park?

If your are an expert in Voodoo or Hoodoo, your expertise is needed at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Lemoyne Street where a pair of voodoo-like dolls were pinned to utility posts. Restaurant owner Rhonda Reynolds spotted one of dolls last week after it appeared on the pole outside her restaurant. A second doll, which had been pinned across ... Read More »

The 17 rules of Echo Park Lake

Visitors who come to Echo Park Lake on Saturday for its grand reopening celebration will come face to face with some new signs (see the close up image below) that spell out the rules of the park. How many rules?  Looks like 17 rules plus additional warnings listed  in a large sign that Seth Abramovitch photographed today through the chain ... Read More »

Signs of change over Echo Park

Looks like the name of Echo Park’s La Guadalupana Market is getting de-Latinized.  The freshly painted sign on the green awning now reads “LG Fresh Foods Market.”  The Sunset Boulevard market, which has long catered primarily to Latinos, has recently appeared to be courting new customers with the appearance of some organic foods and even a Twitter account. No word ... Read More »

Is that Cypress Park in the new iPhone commercial?

Why, yes it appears that Cypress Park – along with Glassell Park and Mt. Washington – make a very brief appearance in a commercial for the new iPhone 5.   Jorge Rosas snapped a screen shot (posted above) of the commercial now playing on YouTube. Looks like the brief scene – were are talking about three seconds – was shot ... Read More »

New Angelus Temple sign is a glaring problem for one neighbor

The landmark Angelus Temple, the domed Echo Park church founded by evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson, recently installed a new, bright digital sign over its main entrance. But that sign is too bright for at least one neighbor, who lives across the street.  The sign was annoying enough to drive the person to Tweet: @theeastsiderla anyone else pissed at this incredibly ... Read More »

Soccer and birthday parties take over Silver Lake Meadow

A visitor to the Silver Lake Meadow  today found the grassy field next to the Silver Lake reservoirs feeling a bit cramped  as several families had  claimed a large part of the open space for a combination of birthday parties and soccer matches.  The man, who describes himself as a “concerned meadow-goer, said: So I guess the “no organized” sports/events ... Read More »

Anyone see a naked man around here?

That was the question being asked last night by police officers on Laguna Avenue in Echo Park, according to one resident. The details: Got home from work about 8:30. My neighbor said he went outside to his car, and the police asked him is he’s seen a naked man run by. No. Then speeding police car and helicopter race by ... Read More »

Pot Shop Minimalism

Apparently there’s no need to give your Silver Lake pot shop a name. Just paste strips of green tape to your window and plastic sign box and your in business.   The owners of this new pot shop at Sunset Boulevard and Benton Way could have at least spent some money on one of those inflatable figures with the flapping ... Read More »

Statue turns its back on Echo Park Lake

You would think that Echo Park’s Lady of the Lake statue – a 1930s sculpture formally known as Nuestra Reina de Los Angeles – would face in the direction of the lake.  Nope. Instead the  female figure, with arms raised and palms pointed outward,  looks north away from the newly restored lake, leaving her backside and rump (top photo) to ... Read More »

Maybe now Kia of Glendale will admit it’s in Glassell Park

The large red and gray signs over San Fernando Road near Verdugo Road proclaim “Kia Glendale” even though the dealership sits in Glassell Park, almost near Cypress Park. While the signs and ads for Kia of Glendale may not acknowledge its Glassell Park location,  the  dealership certainly know it’s in the City Los Angeles. In fact, Kia of Glendale is ... Read More »

Echo Park pre-hipster artifact up for sale

The crossroads of Echo Park Avenue, Delta Street and Morton Avenue was known to many residents as Chicken Corner, a reference to the barnyard animals to be found at the former empty lot now occupied by condos. The chicken theme spread to a chicken mural on the side of what’s now Chango Coffee and later inspired the name of a ... Read More »

Has Google already selected a successor for Councilman Eric Garcetti?

How else to explain why a Google search of “Council District 13”  results in a link to “Eric Garcetti-13th District City Council” and a large photo of someone who is not Garcetti.  The person in the photo looks like Garcetti staffer  Oliver Delgado. This could explain why Garcetti, who is termed out of office and running for mayor,  has not ... Read More »

Artist keeps cleaning up after Echo Park taggers

The young  artist known as Forest was back in Echo Park today cleaning up the tagging of the mural he recently painted at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Douglas. Jovelle Schaffer posted a photo of Forest at work today on her Echo Park Cool Twitter feed. @theeastsiderla @echoparkpatch @echoparknow More graffiti on the artist’s mural. Pic of him cleaning ... Read More »