Monday, October 24, 2016

Dear Eastsider

Dear Eastsider: In search of tortilleria alternatives

The upcoming closure of Santa Fe Tortilleria in Echo Park finds  Stephanie C. of Silver Lake  wondering where to shop for fresh tortillas: No more amazing, cheap, homemade tortillas or homemade habanero salsa … Do you or any other readers know any other great tortillerias in ... Read More »

Dear Eastsider: Who will care for a wounded bird?

Patrick Valliancourt needs help caring for an injured bird he found this morning in Elysian Park: I was walking in Elysian Park this morning and found an injured bird scuffling across the dirt. I managed to scoot the bird onto a palm branch and walked him ... Read More »

Dear Eastsider: What to do with Ed’s “collection”

Ed is a homeless man who lives near Glendale Boulevard and Effie Street in Echo Park, part of a small but growing homeless settlement. Ed collects stuff - everything from clothing and plants to furniture and an aquarium - that is piled high on the sidewalk and the street. Read More »

Dear Eastsider: Take my apartment – please!

Six months ago Diego Garza moved into a renovated one-bedroom Boyle Heights apartment on Breed Street. Diego loves the place – nine-foot high ceilings and a short walk to the Soto Street Gold Line Station – but now plans to move into a house that he ... Read More »

Dear Eastsider: What to do with plastic store boxes?

A thrifty Echo Park resident named Mary G. is looking for ways to reuse all those clear plastic containers that often come home stuffed with supermarket muffins or strawberries. Yes, you can toss many of them in the blue recycle trash bin. But Mary – who ... Read More »

Dear Eastsider: Where’s my taco truck?

It happens. Despite a convenient location and passionate fans, sometimes a taco truck goes missing. In Echo Park, a resident named Caitlan wonders what happened to the Tacos Arizas trailer that had been parked next to the Save A Lot on Logan Street north of Sunset ... Read More »


Dear Eastsider: A jobless reader named Elizabeth is seeking an Eastside beauty salon with recession-friendly prices for hair cuts and color: “I can get a cut for about 40 dollars. The color is the killer. It can range from $180-$220 depending on the colorist and whether ... Read More »

Say a prayer for Arthur


The Eastsider ran a post in July about the death of 61-year-old Arthur Cisneros, who was often seen hanging out, as well as drinking, near an Echo Park mini mall. His large suitcase on wheels was usually parked nearby. An Echo Park resident named Jennifer had ... Read More »