Saturday, October 22, 2016

Dov Charney

Dodger Stadium on ice


Temperatures are expected to reach into the low 80s today but the playing field at Dodger Stadium is being covered in a sheet of ice as the ballpark prepares to host an outdoor hockey match on Saturday between the L.A. Kings and the Anaheim Ducks. The ... Read More »

Dov Charney might be good for t-shirts but not for magazines

Who is to blame for the costly failure of Portolio magazine? Was it the bad economy, out-of-control spending or Silver Lake resident and American Apparel CEO Dov Charney? Several stories about the failure of the high-profile magazine mention Portfolio’s decision to put Charney on the cover ... Read More »

Another day, another $2.6 million for Dov Charney

Christmas came early for American Apparel founder and Silver Lake resident Dov Charney. On Friday, the shares of American Apparel rose after the company said it’s lenders had extended its credit line, according to the LA Business Journal. How much did the stock rise? Seven cents ... Read More »

The man who’s after Dov Charney

Framed stories about American Apparel are mounted on the walls of Keith Fink’s office. But Fink is not a fan of the clothing store chain or its founder, Silver Lake resident Dov Charney. Fink is the West Los Angeles attorney representing former Charney employees in some ... Read More »

Perhaps American Apparel should open a courthouse outlet

It seems the garment maker and retailer is spending as much time promoting its tight fitting clothing as defending its founder, Silver Lake resident Dov Charney from lawsuits. Charney and American Apparel got hit with another lawsuit Tuesday by a former employee, Nikky Yang, who alleges ... Read More »