Friday, October 28, 2016

Eastside Living

Silver Lake beekeepers launch rescue operation

Silver Lake residents and urban beekeepers Russell Bates and Amy Seidenwurm returned home last Sunday after meeting with fellow fans of beekeeping and were shocked to discover that two giant eucalyptus tree had collapsed across their backyard, with one of them landing on top of their ... Read More »

Driven crazy by an Echo Park Mercedes

The windows have been smashed, part of the moldings have been stripped away and the red paint has faded in places. It would appear that the 1978 Mercedes Benz 300CD coupe parked near Logan Elementary School is one of those stolen vehicles found dumped on the ... Read More »

Another casualty gets caught in the Eastside crossfire

This was no gang-related drive-by. But Tracy Hepler, co founder of the eco-friendly shopping newsletter Your Daily Thread, found herself ducking for cover when she innocently wandered into the debate over what constitutes The Eastside. It all started in late September when Hepler launched the Eastside ... Read More »

Has Silver Lake made the A List?

Their body guards wait while they finish dinner at Sunset Boulevard restaurants, and the paparazzi stalk them at the Silver Lake Boulevard 7-Eleven. The Hollywood Celebrity set appears to be migrating east, making Silver Lake a popular destination. The neighborhood has long been a hangout and ... Read More »

Silence is golden but it apparently doesn’t sell ice cream

The New York Times recently ran a story about a backlash against ice cream carts and trucks, with parents complaining about the endless jingles and ringing bells that send kids into a sugar-crazed frenzy. Lincoln Heights resident Melle Belle Karakawa can sympathize since she and her ... Read More »

The sounds of love are not welcome in Los Feliz *

How far away can the noise of a rave concert be heard? The residents of Los Feliz and parts of Silver Lake now know the answer: about seven miles. That’s the distance between Los Feliz and the Los Angeles Sports Arena, which was the site last ... Read More »

Playing games with Dodger fans *

The neighbors of Dodger Stadium frustrated over game-day traffic and a lack of parking are trying a new strategy to deal with the hordes of baseball fans: Fool them. Or, at least try. In Solano Canyon, just east of the stadium, new white and red signs ... Read More »

The Pole Patrol of Silver Lake strikes again

It’s a quiet morning at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Maltman Avenue in Silver Lake except for the roar of traffic and the sound of paper being ripped off utility poles. Bright yellow posters promoting a “Buy Local” sale; black & white photocopied flyers for ... Read More »

Trapped on an island in a sea of Dodger Blue

“You don’t go to the market when you know a game is going to start,” said Tony Garcia, 32, who grew up on the street. “You also learn to be an aggressive driver. I don’t wait for them to let me through. I fight to cut ... Read More »