Sunday, October 23, 2016


Making room for history in Angeleno Heights

Danny Muñoz often accompanied his father on visits to Los Angeles bookstores, where Muñoz fell in love with old books and the history of Los Angeles. As an adult, he started collecting books on Los Angeles architecture and stashed away newspaper clippings in the Angeleno Heights ... Read More »

Love Letters & Hate Mail: Eastside resident Linda Gamboa will join fellow female poets Frankie Salinas and Pat Viera at a La Palabra Poetry Reading this afternoon at Avenue 50 Studio in Highland Park. Read more about the show and her work in Eastsider on the ... Read More »

Who is that woman with the hair bun?

That question, if asked in Echo Park, is usually in reference to Isa-Kae Meksin, who is known not only for attending nearly every neighborhood meeting and event but for her hair-do. Whether it’s a neighborhood council meeting or an art opening, Meksin is usually there, with ... Read More »

Dov Charney might be good for t-shirts but not for magazines

Who is to blame for the costly failure of Portolio magazine? Was it the bad economy, out-of-control spending or Silver Lake resident and American Apparel CEO Dov Charney? Several stories about the failure of the high-profile magazine mention Portfolio’s decision to put Charney on the cover ... Read More »

Not exactly a rave review for Shepard Fairey

The LA Times has yet to review Shepard Fairey’s first museum retrospective in Boston. But the New York Times did today. However, after reading the review, Fairey, whose studio is located in Echo Park, may have wished that NY Times art critic Ken Johnson had skipped ... Read More »

Shepard Fairey’s work on newsstands now!

It was only a few years ago that most of Shepard Fairey’s art appeared as posters and stickers slapped illegally on light poles and dumpsters across Los Angeles. This week, Fairey’s work, crafted in his studio in Echo Park, is plastered across the cover of Time ... Read More »

Perhaps American Apparel should open a courthouse outlet

It seems the garment maker and retailer is spending as much time promoting its tight fitting clothing as defending its founder, Silver Lake resident Dov Charney from lawsuits. Charney and American Apparel got hit with another lawsuit Tuesday by a former employee, Nikky Yang, who alleges ... Read More »

Shepard Fairey can’t live on Obama posters alone

Artist Shepard Fairey is best known for his colorful Obama posters. But Fairey’s political pop and street art have overshadow a more practical, and probably more profitable, ad agency that he runs out of his relatively new Echo Park office and gallery called Studio Number One. ... Read More »

Sunset Junction pioneer sets his sights on Echo Park

He already owns one of Echo Park’s landmark homes, the est member of Echo Park’s G-Force, could take neighborhood development into over-drive. The Daily Dish notes: “What that means for the current mixed-income vitality of the neighborhood remains to be seen. Right now Mexican restaurants such ... Read More »