Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Elysian Park

Rain and trees are falling in Elysian Park

The days following last week’s torrential rains found workers at Elysian Park busy cutting down fallen trees and branches and wrapping yellow caution tape around other damaged trees, including this approximately 40-foot high eucalyptus that is part of a small grove near Academy Road and Stadium ... Read More »

Who needs snow to build a snowman when a tumbleweed will do?

Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer In colder parts of the country, making a snowman most likely does not require pruning shears, wire, spray paint and tumbleweeds. But this is sunny Elysian Park, where this morning volunteers from Echo Park and Solano Canyon gathered to assemble ... Read More »

Elysian Park hit with fire three days in a row

About 75 firefighters took about an hour to knock down a small blaze that broke out this morning on the eastern edge of the Elysian Park near a rail maintenance yard along the Los Angeles River.  No injuries or  structure damage was  reported from the blaze ... Read More »

Mutilated animals discovered in Elysian Park *

The bodies of a headless goat and a large “bird of prey” were discovered Monday morning by two women walking along the northern edge of Elysian Park overlooking the 5 freeway. One of the women, an Echo Park resident, who was walking her dogs, said they ... Read More »

A dry spell for Elysian Park’s reservoir

While Echo Park Lake awaits a major clean up and Silver Lake’s Ivanhoe Reservoir is getting a new boardwalk, there’s news at another large but lesser known local body of water, the Elysian Reservoir. As the photo above shows, most of the water at in the ... Read More »

Tree top living in Elysian Park

Stunning hillside views, a quiet park-like setting and no neighbors. It sounds like an ideal place to rent or buy. But, in this case, the home is a one-room shack of salvaged lumber and peg board perched in the branches of a dying eucalyptus tree in ... Read More »