Water agency to remove “No Trespassing” signs from Eagle Rock trail

EAGLE ROCK —  The Metropolitan Water Agency said today it will remove controversial “No Trespassing” signs along a section of the Eagle Rock Canyon trail following a meeting with a community group and council office. “The signs are coming down,” said spokesman Bob Muir. The signs should be removed by the end of today or early tomorrow followed by the removal ... Read More »

Fill ‘er Up: Water to begin flowing into Silver Lake reservoirs tomorrow

SILVER LAKE — Officials will gather Tuesday afternoon to open a valve and release water back into the Hyperion and Silver Lake reservoirs, the L.A. DWP announced today. After being drained in 2015 for a pipeline project, the refilling of the two reservoirs will be completed much sooner than expected because surplus water from the above-average Eastern Sierra snowpack, said the ... Read More »

Silver Lake says goodbye to its shade balls

SILVER LAKE —  It’s been nearly nine years since 400,000 plastic shade balls were dumped into the Ivanhoe Reservoir. There, the 4-inch balls have bobbed up and down on the surface, helping reduce potentially harmful chemical reactions but also marring the view of the bright-blue water.  Starting as soon as this week, however, those balls are going bye-bye. On Monday, ... Read More »

Silver Lake Reservoir to be refilled ahead of schedule [update]

SILVER LAKE — Officials will take advantage of this year’s heavy rain and snow to start refilling the Silver Lake Reservoir ahead of schedule, with the refill expected to take only two months instead of about a year under previous plans. It was only a few months ago that a severe drought forced officials to say they could only refill ... Read More »

New willows await in Silver Lake

SILVER LAKE — Thanks to Dan Gershon for  a photo of  the shaggy, new Australian Willow trees that have been planted along West Silver Lake Drive next to the Silver Lake Reservoir. The 14 trees and other new landscaping are part of the final stage of a water pipeline project that required the draining of the reservoir (scheduled to be refilled beginning ... Read More »

New landscaping taking root at Silver Lake reservoirs

SILVER LAKE — Walkers and runners who circle the Silver Lake reservoirs might have noticed  new trees, shrubs and grasses being planted near Tesla Avenue. What’s going on? Amanda Parsons, a spokeswoman with the L.A. Department of Water & Power, which manages the property,  said the new landscaping is part of the final stage of a water pipeline project, which ... Read More »

Power outage in Silver Lake

Are you in the dark? Power still out in many neighborhoods

Crews from the L.A. Department of Water & Power have been working around the clock to repair downed power lines and other damaged inflicted by Friday’s powerful storm. But thousands of customers from Silver Lake to El Sereno remain without power tonight, with some outages having lasted more than 24 hours. “With the high number of individual outage incidents and ... Read More »

Storm slams Eastside [updated]

Trees toppled, power was knocked and storm drains overflowed as the heavy storm that had been expected for a few days arrived this afternoon, drenching the Eastside and the rest of the Los Angeles area. Almost two inches of rain fell on Downtown by the evening and more rain – though not as heavy – is expected to keep falling ... Read More »

DIY binoculars help young Highland Park bird watchers focus on nature

HIGHLAND PARK -- “Let’s go to the Secret Forest!” pleaded members of the Nature Club at San Pascual STEAM Magnet Elementary. They pointed to a cropping of trees on the western side of the Highland Park campus, where tall oaks, pines and eucalyptus present a shady spot for students during recess – and a perfect place for various birds to perch. Read More »

Echo Park ficus get whacked

ECHO PARK —  An Eastsider reader called last week to spread the word about the cutting down of a trio of large ficus trees in the 1400 block of Temple Street.  Today, those trees remain standing but in a very, shall we say, truncated form. It’s not clear if the crew that began cutting the trees, located in front of ... Read More »

Did you see the hole in the clouds on Saturday?

Sandy Driscoll of Silver Lake was heading to the Women’s March in Downtown L.A. on Saturday when she noticed a strange sight in the sky:  a large hole in the clouds.  What was it? Driscoll found out a few hours later watching the weather segment on KNBC. What Driscoll and many others saw Saturday afternoon is called a fallstreak hole ... Read More »

City moves to give Temple Street ficus trees the axe

ECHO PARK — The former Temple Street home of the Derby Dolls roller derby league is gone, demolished to make way for a huge new apartment complex. Now, a row of towering ficus trees in front of the now vacant parcel is also likely to disappear from the landscape. Resident Oliver Wilson spotted notices to remove the three ficus trees, ... Read More »