Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Eric Garcetti

Tenant rights protesters march up Echo Park Avenue *

The early evening march was organized to protest Councilman Eric Garcetti’s decision to vote against  a proposed four-month freeze on rent increases.  The march – which included demonstrators banging on drums and holding posters of Garcetti with the word “traitor” in English and Spanish- was organized ... Read More »

Are you ready for another election?

It’s been difficult for The Eastsider to get excited about next Tuesday’s municipal election. The historic and emotional presidential campaign of last year exhausted my interest in politics and, as usual, the incumbents for city council and mayor are heavily favored. Still, the local election and ... Read More »

Will Tweaker Tom please return the councilman’s wallet *

* Correction: Garcetti, in a comment to this post, said he was misquoted. Garcetti said “it definitely wasn’t” Tweaker Tom who stole the wallet. I double checked my tape recording of the meeting and found that was the case. The Eastsider regrets the error and wonders ... Read More »

A weekend wedding for Garcetti and Wakeland

Echo Park resident and councilman Eric Garcetti and his long time partner Amy Wakeland, a political consultant, were married this weekend, according to KNBC and LA Observed “It should mellow me out,” Garcetti said at the end of a council session. The couple met more than ... Read More »

Merry minimalism at the Garcetti household

A holiday postcard from councilman Eric Garcetti and Amy Wakefield features a photo of the couple in their Elysian Heights home, which appeared in the July-August issue of Dwell magazine. On the back, a holiday poem from Eric & Amy: No Matter where you Dwell,We wish ... Read More »

What could be more scary than an Echo Park hipster?

Councilman Eric Garcetti and his partner, Amy Wakeland, are in need of a scarecrow to protect the crops they grow in their large, hillside garden in Elysian Heights, notes a story on the couple in Edible Los Angeles. A straw-stuffed figure, however, is not what Wakeland ... Read More »