Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Ethnicity and Race

What’s left of Echo Park’s Cuban community finds a new home

Jose Angel Dominguez Mondejar of the Asociacion Patriotica Cubana with Bienvenda Husssain, owner of Havana Travel. Echo Park’s Cuban community was already fading when Jose Angel Dominguez Mondejar arrived in Los Angeles in 1983.  While a monument to Cuban patriot Jose Marti was installed at Echo ... Read More »

Should LAPD crime newsletter be colorblind?


The frequent email newsletters sent out by Capt. William Murphy of the Northeast LAPD Division usually includes a run down of recent statistics and major crimes in his division, which stretches from Silver Lake and Echo Park to Eagle Rock and Highland Park. In February, Murphy ... Read More »

The many breeds of Echo Park

The people of Echo Park are a diverse lot – and so are their pets. Echo Park photographer and resident Sonia Paulino has spent about three years taking portraits of people and their dogs as they walked around Echo Park Lake. The result is a series ... Read More »

Echo Park’s neighborhood council grows up – sort of

Last year’s bitter Echo Park neighborhood council elections symbolized for many the class and ethnic divisions that run through the neighborhood. President Jose Sigala defeated board member Christine Peters’ bid to head the council and his Unity Team of mostly Latino candidates ousted several other longtime ... Read More »

Echo Park’s white folk are not so rare after all

Trying to describe a multi-ethnic and racial neighborhood like Echo Park always seems to get you in trouble. Someone always feels left out of the United Colors of Echo Park, which have shifted over the decades and can change from block-to-block. The LA Times, for example, ... Read More »

Is the new code word for Mexicans?

The years long effort to build a new jogging trail and park at the Silver Lake Reservoir met with stiff resistance from some residents expressing concern about everything from increased trash to crime, according an LA Times story. But one of the more memorable objections, recalls ... Read More »