Wednesday, October 26, 2016


The music stops for a gay Silver Lake piano bar

The Other Side,  one of the last gay bars in Silver Lake and one of the city’s last remaining piano bars, is closing and will be replaced with a sports bar.  The new Hyperion Public will also be taking over the Flying Leap Cafe, which is ... Read More »

Silver Lake gay nightclub to throw one last party

One of the last of Silver Lake’s gay bars, Le Barcito, is scheduled to close its doors tonight with a Halloween bash, according to its Facebook page. The Sunset Junction bar has long been a magnet for gay Latinos with Spanish-language drag shows and other events. ... Read More »

Silver Lake gay landmark gets bulldozed *

Shoppers and visitors at Silver Lake’s Sunset Junction on Saturday were met with the sights and sounds of a bulldozer that mowed down a row of storefronts and, along with them, a piece of gay neighborhood history. In 1979,  Norman Laurila and George Leigh opened a ... Read More »