L.A. homelessness jumps 20% even as more housing is provided

The number of people living on the streets or in shelters in the City of Los Angeles spiked 20% despite the relocation of thousands of formerly homeless residents into permanent housing, according to the L.A. Homeless Services Authority.  The sharp rise in homelessness comes as apartment rents have increased and vacancies have declined, the authority noted. An annual homeless count ... Read More »

Councilman brings attention to homeless in Elysian Park

The growing number of homeless in Elysian Park came into the spotlight on ABC7, as 1st District Councilman Gil Cedillo got together with a team of professionals and toured  the encampments. The tour, which was arranged after ABC7 contacted the councilman, took place one day after Cedillo won reelection in a runoff in which he was criticized by some for ... Read More »

City Council candidates offer ideas and plans to deal with homelessness

By BARRY LANK Homelessness is our topic this week as part of The Eastsider’s coverage of city council races in Districts 1 and 13.  We asked the candidates running in the March 7 primary to respond to the following: he number of homeless in L.A. has only been going up, and Angelenos have reacted with a mixture of sympathy, disdain and ... Read More »

City cleans up Silver Lake area homeless encampment – for now

A large team of workers and vehicles – including a dump truck and a small tractor – were deployed today to clean up a large homeless encampment that had spread to both sides of an underpass on the border of Silver Lake and Historic Filipinotown. An Eastsider reader who tipped us off about the cleanup said police were also on ... Read More »

Purple bus and other live-in vehicles face eviction from Echo Park Lake

ECHO PARK -- Two and a half years ago, B.J. Dini and Simon Johnson first parked their bus by Echo Park Lake and set up shop for meditation, tarot readings and birth charts. The bus has since been painted purple, spawning a Facebook presence called The Purple Party, which welcomes people from across the political spectrum. But the purple bus might soon have to find a new place to park. Read More »

Homelessness continues to rise in L.A.

The homeless population across Los Angeles County rose 5.7% from last year to more than 46,000 despite declines in the number homeless veterans and families, according to the results of January’s Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count.  Homelessness grew at much higher rates within the City of Los Angeles, including the area that includes Atwater Village, East Hollywood, Echo Park and ... Read More »

Homeless find shelter in the pews of a Highland Park church

HIGHLAND PARK -- For years, the homeless of Highland Park have had to Glendale or Skid Row to find the nearest shelter. The long bus ride and the volatile environment of Skid Row had left many preferring to stay in Northeast L.A. and camp out in places like the Arroyo Seco and Sycamore Park. But now they will not have to leave the neighborhood after All Saints Episcopal Church opened its doors as NELA’s only homeless shelter and access center this month. Read More »

A homeless actor struggles to recover on the streets of Highland Park

Scot Anthony Robinson once found himself leaping and bounding on stage, his voice booming through auditoriums full of school children captivated by his story about life as a homeless heroin addict. But recently, the 53-year-old had been panhandling outside the drive-thru Starbucks on York Boulevard after finding himself homeless a second time. Read More »