Monday, January 16, 2017


Homelessness continues to rise in L.A.

The homeless population across Los Angeles County rose 5.7% from last year to more than 46,000 despite declines in the number homeless veterans and families, according to the results of January’s Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count.  Homelessness grew at much higher rates within the City of ... Read More »

Homeless find shelter in the pews of a Highland Park church

HIGHLAND PARK -- For years, the homeless of Highland Park have had to Glendale or Skid Row to find the nearest shelter. The long bus ride and the volatile environment of Skid Row had left many preferring to stay in Northeast L.A. and camp out in places like the Arroyo Seco and Sycamore Park. But now they will not have to leave the neighborhood after All Saints Episcopal Church opened its doors as NELA’s only homeless shelter and access center this month. Read More »

A homeless actor struggles to recover on the streets of Highland Park

Scot Anthony Robinson once found himself leaping and bounding on stage, his voice booming through auditoriums full of school children captivated by his story about life as a homeless heroin addict. But recently, the 53-year-old had been panhandling outside the drive-thru Starbucks on York Boulevard after finding himself homeless a second time. Read More »

Echo Park homeless return only hours after encampment clean up

ECHO PARK -- The challenge - some would say the futility - of cleaning up the city's homeless camps was on display today in Echo Park. This morning, a crew of workers organized by the city cleaned up and hauled away the belongings of the large encampment that had spilled across the sidewalks along the Alvarado Street as it passes under the 101 Freeway. But only a few hours later, the homeless had returned.

Northeast L.A. gathers for a Homeless Town Hall

A Homeless Town Hall this week focused on the homeless problem along the Arroyo Seco covered a wide range of questions and issues, from the need for more affordable housing to concerns about public safety and the cost of encampment clean ups. The Tuesday night panel discussion and forum at Ramona Hall included not only residents, police officers and homeless advocates, but some homeless individuals as well.

Why it takes so long to clean up a homeless encampment

From Echo Park and Silver Lake to Highland Park and Hermon, many residents have complained about how long it can take for the city to clean up a homeless encampment, even when it’s blocking a public sidewalk or encroaching on parkland. After being hit with lawsuits and court orders, the city along with other government agencies needs to follow several steps to compassionately provide clean ups, according to a summary of the process issued by Council District 13.

Arroyo Seco homeless encampment clean up underway

HERMON -- Another large-scale clean up of homeless encampments along the Arroyo Seco has been taking place in recent days. Felipe Xanadu snapped the photo above from Debs Park as workers cleared away vegetation and the debris from the Arroyo Seco channel near the 110 Freeway.

Got to go? Echo Park and Silver Lake homeless to get maps of neighborhood public restrooms

SILVER LAKE -- The rise of the homeless population across Echo Park and Silver Lake has been accompanied by complaints of street people urinating and defecating in public or in the yards of residents. Now, the Silver Lake Council has taken a step to deal with the problem by having maps of the public restroom and shower facilities in both neighborhood distributed to the homeless. As it turns out, most of the facilities are in Echo Park.