Los Angeles River

Neighbor Spotlight: Atwater Village woman focuses neighborhood attention on L.A. River

ATWATER VILLAGE– Karen Barnett stumbled upon Atwater Village out of pure luck. She was house hunting and happened to find one that offered everything she wanted, a neighborhood with a walkable lifestyle. After moving into the neighborhood in 2012, the business owner became involved in her community and sits on the Atwater Village Neighborhood Council Board and is the Chair of the AVNC River Committee Read More »

Time to take a Slow Ride for safety on the L.A. River path

ELYSIAN VALLEY — Christine Mills is a fan of the L.A. River Path, having ridden her bike on it many times. But, as a pedestrian on the path, Mills has been frustrated and angered by what she describes as the rude and careless behavior of cyclists who race past. After an elderly neighbor was badly hurt after being hit by ... Read More »

Councilman tells competitive cyclists to steer clear of the L.A. River Path

ELYSIAN VALLEY –– The recent bike vs. pedestrian crash that left an elderly woman badly injured on the L.A. River Path has officials reminding the public that the narrow path must be shared by cyclists and pedestrians.   But one type of cyclist, says Councilman Mitch O’Farrell, is not welcome on the path: competitive cyclists.  In a letter released this ... Read More »

Feds expand flood risk zone in Atwater Village and Elysian Valley

The Army Corps of Engineers said that more than 3,000 properties – most of them in Atwater Village and Elysian Valley – are at risk during major flooding along the L.A. River, says the L.A. Times. That’s much higher than previous estimates and means more property owners will have to buy mandatory  flood insurance and developers might be forced to ... Read More »

Estimate of L.A. River restoration soars to $1.6 billion

Two years ago officials unveiled a $1 billion plan to restore and revitalize an 11-mile stretch of the L.A River from Griffith Park to Downtown, with the cost split 50-50 between the city and the Federal government. But those estimates have proven to be far off the mark. A new study released by city financial analysts now pegs the estimated ... Read More »

L.A. River cleanup and vegetation removal to reduce flood risk

Crews this week are scheduled to begin removing non-native vegetation, trash and other debris from the L.A. River channel between Glendale and Elysian Valley as part of an effort to reduce the risk of flooding. The removal of vegetation — including reeds and palms  –  and the installation of barriers at the top of the channel are the two main ... Read More »

Atwater residents complain about L.A. River barrier blight

ATWATER VILLAGE -- Temporary flood-control barriers were installed along the L.A. River in January as an emergency response to forecasts of heavy El Niño rains. Those rains, however, never came. But those “temporary” barriers still stand on the east bank of the river in Atwater, and there’s no final word as to when they will be removed. Meanwhile, some residents complain that the barriers have attracted tagging, trash and has even made it difficult to bird watch. Read More »

Why taking a dip in the L.A. River may be hazardous to your health

ELYSIAN VALLEY -- Heading down to the L.A. River this summer? Maybe you should avoid getting wet, according to a water quality study conducted in Elysian Valley and other parts of the river. The study by the environmental group Heal the Bay found high levels bacteria in the water, prompting the group to warn visitors to limit their contact with the water and avoid swimming or dunking your head in the water. Read More »

Work to begin on removing portions of temporary L.A. River flood barrier

ATWATER VILLAGE — Work will begin early this month to remove portions of a temporary flood-control barrier along the L.A. River and restore access to cyclists, pedestrians and equestrians. However, for now, it appears that large sections of the barrier will be left in place in the most flood-prone sections of the Atwater area. The four-foot-high, sand-filled barrier was installed in January ... Read More »