Organizers postpone Eagle Rock Music Festival

EAGLE ROCK — The Eagle Rock Music Festival, which had grown into Northeast L.A.’s largest music event and street fair, has been postponed until next spring, festival organizers announced today. The Center for the Arts Eagle Rock ,which usually holds the festival in October, said it is working with Councilman José Huizar to re-launch the event next spring in response ... Read More »

Beware of Isaac Rother and The Phantoms

Think of Isaac Rother and The Phantoms as that warm sounding tune emanating from a juke box in a Tiki bar catching fire on the Fourth of July. The sound is knee-buckling simple. Take some 1950’s roadhouse blues and let it yellow in the sun for a few decades, soaking up the years on the windowsill like sun tea.

Dunes are taking shape once again

Early on, Dunes showcased an appreciation for space, allowing vocals to bloom while guitars and drums sent out ripples in a steady pace throughout. Caught up in the harmonies was a certain haze, like an impressionist painting, fraying the overlap between singer Stephanie Chan’s vocals and the group’s instruments.

Exploring the world with Sacred Destinies

Sunday, February 1

The last impressions of a dream are not the vague images that dot our memory, but the weakness in our muscles that reminds us our body was vulnerable just a few minutes before. Vulnerability plays a large role in Sacred Destinies ...

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All alone with the Dark Furs

Dark Furs operates in the tangled briers of indie pop. It’s moody, but elegantly arranged, bolstered by the wall of sound approach while still moving along the plot. Read More »

The fearless and earnest sounds of Echo Park’s Tülips

Something fearless perches atop the mantle of the Echo Park band Tülips, adorned with riot grrrl sensibilities and framed with an untethered joy. The obvious landmarks in Tülips’ world are the Sleater-Kinney overtones on faster tracks like Wait, where the guitar and drums crunch away with vocals from ferocious Angie Bloom. These play out with heart-on-sleeve mannerisms, jostling along with ... Read More »

The ever patient Mia Doi Todd

There exists in musician Mia Doi Todd’s voice a controlled element; a dam holding back an immeasurable presence. Elements that make up Todd’s arsenal include her long, drawn out syllables, both breathy and urgent. She is the accompaniment to the end of the day, a lingering sunset that spreads its warmth just a few seconds longer. Read More »

Imagining Is Half The Battle: Bür Gür

Around the corner is the unseen, so the possibilities for what is waiting can be endless. The imagination goes wild, because it could be anything. Bür Gür, the ambient and electronic duo, is relentless in its interpretation of what’s unseen. Read More »

A weekend of music, art and tragedy in Echo Park

ECHO PARK -- Neighborhood festivals come in all shapes and sizes and this past weekend's Echo Park Rising was no different. The music festival fit over the community like a circus tent. It brought out the best in the community, it brought out the worst. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that someone was stabbed to death on Friday night, the murder scene and yellow police tape just a few yards from the crowd gathered outside one of the festival venues. Read More »

Best bets at this weekend’s Echo Park Rising festival

_ ECHO PARK – This weekend Echo Park will welcome the fourth annual Echo Park Rising festival to the neighborhood. The three-day music and arts event is free, and aims to celebrate the creativity and diversity of the Eastside enclave. This year’s schedule is again loaded with talented acts. You can get the full schedule here, but we here at ... Read More »

Prepare to get wet if you film a music video in the L.A. River

The making of a new music video staring Echo Park singer/songwriter Jason Mandell involved a trip – and unexpected dip – in the L.A. River as well as carting a fiberglass canoe up one of Echo Park’s steepest streets. The video for “Redeem Me,” a new song by Mandell’s band, The Coals, was shot in July when a section of ... Read More »

Spotlight shines on Sweden during Culture Collide

Echo Park might not be as well versed in Swedish culture (no, trips to IKEA don’t count), but after this weekend and Culture Collide festival, that great divide has been breached thanks to the help of Melpo Mene, The Deer Tracks, Like Swimming, and others who all brought their vibrant, if not obscenely sprightly music to town – along with ... Read More »