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Some Highland Park residents sour on neighborhood bar boom

HIGHLAND PARK — For some residents of Highland Park, too many bars have opened too quickly along Figueroa Street, according to a story reported by KPCC. The neighborhood has 60 alcohol licenses, about a third of which were issued in the past three years alone, the news site said. Historic Highland Park Neighborhood Council member Jessica Ceballos told KPCC this ... Read More »

Echo Park road work reveals possible reminders of the Red Car

ECHO PARK —   Some recent road work on Glendale Boulevard revealed some splintered railroad ties and rusty spikes and brackets that appear to be part of the former Red Car street car line that traveled down the same street. Scott Fajack of Echo Park snapped photos of the ties and metal pieces that had been removed and piled on the ... Read More »

Eastside real estate homes

Eastside Open House: A Weekend Guide To House Hunting

This Labor Day weekend offers up the perfect opportunity to use your extra day off to take a look at that house you’ve been eyeing. Properties this weekend include a prime three-bedroom townhouse in Monterey Hills, and a recently remodeled cozy, two-bedroom bungalow in Highland Park. Always check to make sure the open house has not been cancelled or rescheduled before you go ... Read More »

Makeover brewing for Highland Park’s “depressing” Starbucks

HIGHLAND PARK — Stung by criticism about the design of its new York Boulevard store, Starbucks officials have pledged to remodel the shop that has been derided as “the most depressing Starbucks in America.” Highland Park architect Catherine Garrison, who was highly critical of the new store’s design in a review for The Eastsider, met with Bill Sleeth, Starbucks Vice ... Read More »

Officials launch sweep of Arroyo Seco homeless camps

A multi-agency task force this week launched a clean up of  the homeless encampments that have mushroomed along the Arroyo Seco and the  110 Freeway in Hermon and Montecito Heights, where some of the  make-shift homes had second bedrooms and were equipped with TVs and computers powered by electricity tapped from power poles. The sweep of homeless camps – many ... Read More »