Public Works

Walking path in the works for the top of Silver Lake dam

SILVER LAKE — The dam at the south end of Silver Lake Reservoir is said to offer striking views of the surrounding neighborhood, hillsides and, of course, the reservoir.  But few people have ever enjoyed that vista because the dam has long been closed to the public.  However,  that could be changing soon after officials announced plans to create a ... Read More »

Mulholland Fountain in Los Feliz prepares for a major makeover

LOS FELIZ — The landmark Mulholland Memorial fountain will go dry for the next month as damaged plaster is removed and the structure is inspected in preparation for extensive renovations and repairs next year. The Los Feliz Ledger last fall reported that the plaster of the 77-year-old fountain became damaged after its use was limited during the drought, contributing to ... Read More »

Boyle Heights weighs in on new park to be built under Sixth Street Bridge

BOYLE HEIGHTS -- There are three possible designs for a new park that will be constructed beneath the Sixth Street Bridge replacement and residents are being asked to choose which one they like the best. While all three concepts have differences in layout, park options like a soccer field, arts plaza, and gardens are included across the board. Read More »

Let It Pour: Water gushes back into the Silver Lake reservoirs

SILVER LAKE — The refilling of the Silver Lake reservoirs began late this afternoon after city officials turned a large valve a few times and then waited a few minutes for the water to start flowing. After being drained in 2015 for a pipeline project, the refilling of the Hyperion and Silver Lake reservoirs will be completed much sooner than ... Read More »

Fill ‘er Up: Water to begin flowing into Silver Lake reservoirs tomorrow

SILVER LAKE — Officials will gather Tuesday afternoon to open a valve and release water back into the Hyperion and Silver Lake reservoirs, the L.A. DWP announced today. After being drained in 2015 for a pipeline project, the refilling of the two reservoirs will be completed much sooner than expected because surplus water from the above-average Eastern Sierra snowpack, said the ... Read More »

Eagle Rock residents planning to revive Richard Neutra-designed rec center

EAGLE ROCK — The Eagle Rock Recreation Center, a 1950s-era clubhouse designed by legendary Modernist architect Richard Neutra, may finally be getting some long overdue attention and restoration, according to the L.A. Times. A pair of local residents who have been working on the problem for three years are now talking with the architect’s son, Dion Neutra, and are slowly ... Read More »

Mulholland Fountain gets dried out and damaged by drought

LOS FELIZ — When water stops flowing through a fountain enough, the fountain dries out and deteriorates. That’s what’s happening to the William Mulholland Memorial Fountain at Los Feliz Boulevard and Riverside Drive, according to the Los Feliz Ledger. The operation of the Mulholland Fountain has been reduced because of the drought. This and high summer temperatures have damaged the ... Read More »