Scenes and Sightings

Silver Lake lemonade stand

Sure sign of summer

SILVER LAKE —  This industrious kid named Bowe knows there’s nothing like a cool glass of freshly squeezed lemonade to beat the summer heat — especially at a $1 a pop.  He had a nice shady spot on West Silver Lake Boulevard near the Chandelier Tree when Sandy Driscoll took his photo. More Silver Lake stories Got a story, tip, question ... Read More »

Rainbow flag in East Los Angeles

Don’t forget it’s Flag Day today

EAST LOS ANGELES — Today marks the birthday of the stars and stripes,  which was adopted as the nation’s flag on June 14, 1777, by the Second Continental Congress, according to Wikipedia. There are no Eastside Flag Day parades that we know of, but at least one patriotic person in East L.A. had a rainbow version of the stars and stripes ... Read More »

Can’t get enough of that Silver Lake milkweed nectar

SILVER LAKE ––   Thanks to Sandy Driscoll for sending in the photo of the Monarch butterfly that she helped nurture last month as part of efforts to restore butterfly habitats. The butterfly pictured above was once one of three large caterpillars Driscoll found a little more than a month ago on the milkweed she grows in her Silver Lake garden. ... Read More »

Echo Park Lake lotus bed prepares for its annual summer show

ECHO PARK — The Echo Park Lake lotus bed was getting some TLC this week as workers were seen in the northwest corner of the lake. The Lotus Festival is a few weeks away on July 15 & 16 but it looks like some of the blooms can’t wait to show their stuff. Thanks to Robin Constable for the photo ... Read More »