Friday, October 28, 2016

Tagging & Graffiti

A bad sign for Historic Filipinotown building

lewellyn sign 2

One of the notable features of the Lewelleyn Manor apartments is the blue-and-white neon sign that sits on the roof of the four-story building at Temple Street and Rampart Boulevard. But the view of that vintage sign has now been partially blocked from some vantage points ... Read More »

East L.A. no longer takes tagging for granted

By C.J. Salgado It used to be that to see graffiti in East L.A. would be a “ho-hum” moment for residents and visitors alike. I mean, it was just part of the territory, right? Whether on residential fences, business facades or public sidewalks, it seemed to ... Read More »

Silver Lake street cleans up after tagging binge

A section of Griffith Park Boulevard look like a charity car wash this morning as Silver Lake residents cleaned and washed cars and trucks after vandals had  tagged at least a dozen vehicles and garage doors overnight.  Residents walked around with paint rollers and traded tips ... Read More »

The rewards of turning in an Echo Park tagger

The City Council’s Public Safety Committee has approved a $1,000 reward to the person who reported a tagger at work on Oct. 15 at Scott Avenue near Mohawk Street, where large retaining walls are frequently covered with tagging and gang graffiti.  The City Council file reads: ... Read More »

Street artists fill up empty Echo Park gas station

[portfolio_slideshow id=31787 autoplay=false portfolio_slideshow carousel=false portfolio_slideshow carouselsize=9] The tanks are empty, the windows are boarded up and a chain link fence surrounds a now closed Echo Park gas station at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Portia Street. But, as with any urban void, streets artists ... Read More »

Space running out on the tower of tagging

The Eastsider posted photos last week of the tagging that covered the west and south facing sides of a seven-story building  on Sunset Boulevard half way between Echo Park and downtown.  The tagging has also spread to the east side (pictured) of the vacant building, which ... Read More »

Echo Park taggers and artists compete for attention

The outdoor chalk drawings created during Saturday’s Echo Park Art Walk were not the only eye-catching displays along Echo Park Avenue.  Many readers noted the large amounts of Echo Park gang tagging  that appeared over night on several blocks of Echo Park Avenue and other streets.  ... Read More »

WTF?! FTW graffiti returns to Echo Park billboard

Late last month billboard company CBS Outdoor finally got around to painting over a giant gang tag that had appeared on the back of a Glendale Boulevard sign for about two years.  But that FTW graffiti – which stood for “Fuck the World,” the name adopted ... Read More »

Gang and advertisers no longer share billboard

A French street artist recently turned an Echo Park industrial building into an arts landmark by plastering a giant mural on the front of the Glendale Boulevard structure. That same building had also served as the location for another large but less welcome piece of street ... Read More »

Taggers are apparently no fans of Craftsman homes

A 1912 Craftsman-style apartment house in the process of being moved from a lot across from Echo Park Lake got tagged from nearly top to bottom. The giant tagging took place as the city considers slashing graffiti-removal funds by 50%. One Eastsider reader, who commented about ... Read More »