Friday, May 26, 2017

transportation and traffic

Metro board votes against funding 710 Freeway tunnel

Metro’s board of directors today withdrew critical support and funding needed to build an approximately six-mile-long highway tunnel to close the 710 Freeway gap between El Sereno and Pasadena. Instead, the transit agency board voted in favor of funding a variety of street and traffic improvements rather ... Read More »

Councilman Gil Cedillo’s tunnel vision

The L.A. City Council on Wednesday voted 10-1 to support state legislation prohibiting the construction of approximately six miles of roadway tunnels to close the 710 Freeway gap between El Sereno and Pasadena. Who was the lone vote in favor of the tunnels? It was First ... Read More »

The first steps are being taken to make Avenue 26 more pedestrian friendly

LINCOLN HEIGHTS -- Los Angeles, as many walkers will tell you, is not the most pedestrian-friendly city. The streets near Cypress Park-Lincoln Heights Gold Line station is a typical representation of the problems pedestrians face: narrow sidewalks, speeding cars, freeway on/off ramps and poor lighting. Some improvements, however, are in the works. Read More »

Echo Park gets new blacktop and bike lanes

ECHO PARK —  Many residents were surprised to find a stretch of Glendale Boulevard closed this past weekend as crews resurfaced the busy road and applied a new layer of blacktop.  There was another surprise when the street was restriped, revealing the addition of new bike ... Read More »

Want a speed hump on your street? Now is your time to act

For those residents who want speed humps on their street, Feb. 28 was a day they have long been waiting for. That’s when the L.A. Department of Transportation began a 45-day-long application period to collect requests for the asphalt humps designed to deter speeding.  But speed ... Read More »

El Sereno meets to discuss Alhambra Avenue safety improvements

EL SERENO — City officials are exploring additional ways to improve safety along Alhambra Avenue, where a mother carrying her two-year-old child was killed crossing the street last month. The office of Councilman Jose Huizar has proposed transferring $10,000 in funds to help pay for preliminary ... Read More »