The photographer of Eastside Chicano activism; Highland Park bar manager releases new music video

MORNING REPORT; The photography of Oscar Castillo has become a valuable insight into the Chicano protests and activism across the Eastside during the 1960s and 1970s .... Patrick Duniven not only works at two bars in Highland Park. The singer-songwriter also just released his fifth music video that was also shot in a neighborhood studio .... The Eastsider welcomes first-person submissions from readers about memorable moments about living and working on the Eastside Read More »

Annoying sounds in Echo Park; fundraiser for Highland Park hit-and-run victim

MORNING REPORT: Some Echo Park residents are asking what's the source of a high-pitched sound heard in the mornings near the 1600 block of Echo Park Avenue .... Friends and family of Yolanda Lugo, the 51-year-old woman killed by a hit-and-run driver in Highland Park, are holding an online fundraiser to cover funeral costs .... Lost in Glassell Park: Solid Gray Male Cat Read More »

Fatal shooting in El Sereno; $1 billion Olympic Village proposed for Lincoln Heights rail yard; Chinese developer buys Echo Park-adjacent site

MORNING REPORT: A 27-year-old man was killed in El Sereno after being shot multiple times while walking in the 5200 block of Ithaca Avenue .... The cost of building an Olympic Village on a Lincoln Heights rail yard for the 2024 games “may significantly exceed” the $1 billion estimates, city budget analysts warned .... A Chinese developer has purchased the site of Holy Hill Church, located between Echo Park and Chinatown, for $30 million and plans to build a mixed-use development on the Sunset Boulevard property Read More »

Historic Altadena Horse/Urban Farm Ranchito

Once upon a time not so long ago, Angelenos and Pasadenans/Altadenans lived in California ranch homes on large lots known as Ranchitos. These family homes often attracted the original ‘urban homesteaders’ – people looking to raise animals, garden and be rusticators in a growing urban area. Read More »