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Eastside 911: Public Safety Notes & Advisories

Eastside 911

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Coyotes spotted on Piedmont Avenue

Dec. 12, 2016: N. Meza wants to warn Highland Park pet owners of two coyotes she has seen on Piedmont Avenue:

“I spotted a (rather large) coyote running on Piedmont Avenue between York and Avenue 61 (near the Highland Park recreation area) on my way to work at approximately 5:30 am once last week and again this morning. I have lived in the area for six years and this is my first encounter with a coyote. I was surprised when I saw it last week, but I am now worried that I saw it twice in less in than a week’s time–please alert animal owners in the area.”

Echo Park dog attack

Aug. 19, 2016: A woman named Anna  is seeking information about an attack that left her dog injured:

“My dog and dog walker were attacked this morning (September 16th at 10:30 a.m.) around Ewing and Echo Park by a loose dark blue/grey pit mix who was accompanied by a tan terrier. I’m looking for information about where these dogs live as well as their owners. My dog is in surgery and is VERY torn up, and my dog-walker had to go to urgent care. This happened two blocks from Elysian Elementary school, and I walk this neighborhood with my two year old almost daily. As a dog lover myself, I understand that sometimes bad things happen, but I want help making sure that this doesn’t happen again. PLEASE help me find the owners so we can prevent a dangerous situation from affecting another family.”

You can contact Anna [email protected]

This report has not been verified with public safety officials.

Mt. Washington package thief

Aug. 22: An Eastsider reader shares a description and details of a package thief:

“The individual is a male Hispanic, 25-30yr old, 5’8″-6’0”, thin built, short cropped hair. Was wearing black rob zombie t-shirt with a date of april 11th 2016. Had dark jeans with black nike high top shoes. This occurred on Oban Drive in Mount Washington on Aug 10th around 1 pm. He was driving a black coupe of unknown make/model … LAPD warned me of the recent increase after taking the police report.”

This report has not been verified with public safety officials.

Echo Park Collision

Photo by Mary-Austin Klein

Photo by Mary-Austin Klein

Aug. 16: Paramedics were seen treating a woman at the scene of an apparent collision this morning at Sutherland Street and Sunset Boulevard and Echo Park, according to an Eastsider reader. A BMW ended up on the sidewalk next to El Compadre restaurant. No further details were available.

Shots fired in Highland Park

May 16: Northeast Division police received numerous calls reporting shots fired on Monte Vista in Highland Park at around 10:20 p.m. Sunday night. Police searched the area and did not find the people responsible for the shooting or anybody injured, said police.

Highland Park/Garvanza car fire on Kirby Street

An Eastsider reader reports:

“Someone set my neighbors car [a Honda] on fire on Kirby St [near Meridian] in HLP last night [May 12] around 1 am. Firemen put it out and mentioned they had just out out another car on fire somewhere near Ave 56. Seems like arson but no neighbors saw how it happened.”

 This report has not been verified with public safety officials.

East Hollywood mail theft  in the 4500 block Lexington Avenue

An Eastsider reader reports:

“This break-in occurred at approximately 4am on Tuesday, May 10. The video camera clearly shows two people casually walk right up to the building on the corner of Lexington and Lyman Aves and after just seconds of fumbling with the front secured entry, the woman on the video successfully opens the front door with either a stolen master mail key or a little tool to pry open the lock (this part is not clear on the video).

Here is a description of the couple. The woman takes the lead and does most of the work while the man is on the lookout. They appear to be on foot.

Man and woman, both black, both early 20s.

Man has short hair, appears average height and weight. Pretty clean cut with jeans, pullover half-zip sweater and BLACK Nike’s with a white swoosh. Wearing stud earrings and carrying a backup with “The Hundred” on it.

THE WOMAN – is black, long fake weaved in hear appears light brown. She is also wearing a floppy hat with camouflage brim. She looks about 5’5″ tall and large build. She’s wearing tight leggings and a tight light colored tshirt with ice cream and root beers printed on it and “Sweet A” printed across the front. She’s overweight, with her clothing so tight and small, her stomach and much of her body is revealed. She’s wearing flat moccasin style shoes. She’s carry a satchel type purse and carrying an empty plastic 99cent Store Shopping bag (probably to use for the stolen loot).

They open the front lobby and enter together, they are unaware there are 2 cameras watching them: one from outside fumbling with the door and one inside at the front entry by the mailboxes. She pulls out a tool to pry open the resident mailboxes. One by one, she opens each box and he stuffs his backpack with “The Hundred” printed on it with the resident mail. She’s holding a tool and a flashlight.

They get as much stuff as possible and leave within minutes. They casually walk out and probably go to the next victim.”

This report has not been verified with public safety officials.

Click here to share news about crime and public safety issues with your neighbors.  All reports of crime should first be reported to police

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