pepperoni pizza

No pepperoni shortage here.

Comfort food comes at a cost.

Since it hit in March, the pandemic has spurred shortages of toilet paper, coins and yeast – recently, news reports suggest that small pizza shops across the country are finding it difficult to keep the ultimate prized pizza topping – pepperoni – in stock.

“The issue for pizzerias is a two-pronged one: pork processors are making less pepperoni, and people are eating much more of it,” sums up a recent report from Business Insider.

In Northeast L.A,  small pizza shops say that they have experienced only sporadic shortages for the fennel-laden salami.

“Actually, prices for all food items have gone up a little bit, including pepperoni,” says Teresa Folliero, manager of Folliero’s in Highland Park.

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Pepperoni shortages did happen a “couple of times over the last few months,” continues Folliero. “We’ve managed. We’ve been lucky to get an order out in time so it didn’t impact us.”

Likewise, Ned Martorana, owner of Casa Bianca in Eagle Rock, explains that overall “prices for pork have been going up for a while. It’s been pretty stable recently.”

As far as acquiring pepperoni, he admits that “so far, so good. We’ve been able to get product.”

Kevin Ramsey, general manager of Garage Pizza in Silver Lake echoes the intermittent pepperoni lull.

There have “been a few instances over the last few months” of not getting pepperoni, he says. “But we had some in reserve.”

Just like many pizzerias experiencing shortages of all ingredients, Ramsey stresses that “we haven’t raised menu prices.”

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