A Latino rock band from Boyle Heights takes on the indie music scene

The Tracks lead singer Venancio Bermúdez during a performance at The Echoplex. Photo by Ernesto Orozco.

The Tracks lead singer Venancio Bermúdez | Photo by Ernesto Orozco/Boyle Heights Beat


BOYLE HEIGHTS — Even before the band started to play, the lead singer told the crowd they were from Boyle Heights, evoking a roar of cheers. The Tracks, a young, up-and-coming Indie rock band, is influenced by and proud of its mariachi and Boyle Heights roots.

“You don’t really hear music like ours, our interpretation of what rock should be like. There ain’t enough cats doing that,” says lead vocalist and guitarist Venancio Bermúdez while discussing the passion behind the band’s first song, “Go Out Tonight,” on its debut album.

As a Latino band playing in the largely white Indie rock scene, The Tracks have an opportunity to shake things up. Bermúdez, whose family has a mariachi background, embraces his cultural heritage, while being unafraid to create music not typically performed by Latinos. The Tracks have chosen their name to represent a forgotten aspect of the East Side: the abandoned railroad tracks.

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Boyle Heights Beat is a bilingual community newspaper produced by its youth and a sister website with stories also produced by community members “por y para la comunidad.”

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