Eastside Weekend: Reclaiming the EastSide show; Phoebe Bridgers plays Echo Park; Felix The Cat inspired art

Photo by Art Meza

By NATHAN SOLISThe city skyline is inundated with advertisements while the people of the neighborhood make their own stories and images through art, music and poetry. The exhibit, Reclaiming the EastSide: Above and Below, would like to salute not only people but also the late printmaker Richard Duardo, who molded the Los Angeles screen printing scene. There will be live music above ground at Antigua Coffeehouse and art below ground in the former pedestrian walkway, including the photography of Art Meza.

Saturday, May 9 at Cypress Village Underground Art Tunnel.

Folk, honest to goodness, pure folk, the type that can accompany a movie montage without seeming forced, is hard to find. Phoebe Bridgers has been making music for some time now, but since she’s so young and there’s so much heft to her craft, it’s easy to say that she’s an old soul. Perhaps the songstress just knows how to weave in just enough woe to make the happy shine all the brighter. She plays Grand Ole Echo with Olin & The Moon, Matt Larocca and The Bar Brawl 3, Sunday, May 10 at The Echo. Tell your mother.

The seasons in Los Angeles are capricious. They land wherever they want to on the calendar. Tomorrow could be a third winter or the start of summer. The folks over at The Hive Highland Park are prepared with their Ultraviolet show, featuring the abstract art of Laura Viapiano, couture by Elliot Designs and hair by the salon. Included in the mix are tarot card readings and music, so it won’t all be unpredictable. Saturday, May 9 at The Hive.

Optimism takes all shapes, and even in the most doleful landscapes, stands out like a beacon. Another Time, Another Place is the continuation of artist Patricia Krebs’ series exploring a fantasy world through art. Her last show featured artwork following a lonely heroine in a ruined world. Now her heroine’s journey is accompanied by other creatures, in both 2D and 3D artwork. Saturday, May 9 at Cactus Gallery.

Try to describe Felix the Cat to someone who has never heard of the character. He’s a talking animal with a bag of magical tricks and a sunny disposition. But that must be why so many people love the black-and-white cat. From grumps to children, Felix the Cat seems to speak to so many. Slow Culture’s upcoming group show, Felix The Cat: The Cat’s Out of the Bag, celebrates the feline’s place in the pop art pantheon. Friday, May 8 at Slow Culture.

Several makes and models of art will be showcased at Avenue 50 Studio this weekend  as three separate shows open. By the Book: Art About and For Books is just what it sounds like and will be curated by Jose Lozano, featuring works by Kim Abeles, Daniel Gonzales, and more. Second will be the Qualia with watercolors, coffee and ink works by artist Nikki McCauley. And third is the Madre/Mother exhibit at Avenue 50 Studio’s satellite gallery M.A.N. Insurance off of York Boulevard.

The ink and paper drawings of Chicano Wolfman remind of 1970’s downhome barrio sketches. The type that accompanied school folders or old school tattoos of some guy’s old lady, who never knew he was getting the tattoo, so by the end of the summer the guy had to play it off and wear that art with pride. Wolfman’s work will be on display at Mi Vida Boutique, along with music by Sin Color. Saturday, May 9.

Nathan Solis is a Highland Park resident who writes about and photographs the L.A. music scene. You can find more of Solis’ stories, reviews and photos at Avenue Meander.


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