Greek Theatre

Griffith Park - It's not like there's been a concert season at the Greek Theatre anyway. So the Department of Recreation and Parks has been working on parts of that venue that need repair. But, like many repair projects, this one is cost substantially more than expected.

In the latest move, the Recreation and Parks Department is seeking an extra $842,000 to renovate and seismically retrofit the north and south terraces, which are elevated seating areas. These concrete decks have deteriorated and become unfit for an earthquake due to years of weathering and the “leaching of acidic beverages into the unprotected concrete decks,” the advance report stated.

“The terraces are structurally deficient to adequately resist lateral loads generated through seismic events,” according to a staff report.

The Board of Recreation and Parks, which is scheduled to vote on the matter on today, already approved allocating $6 million last June to fix other features throughout the theater. Since taking control of the venue in 2016, the Recreation and Parks Department has also known it would eventually have to replace and seismically renovate the terrace structure.

Of course, that kind of renovation was inevitably going to affects operations at the Greek Theater, and require closing down for part of a concert season.

But since this entire season has been closed down anyway....

Other renovations that were already funded last June include:

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• Demolition of seats, concrete decking, secondary structural supports, electrical, HVAC ductwork, emergency generator, fire sprinklers, concrete walkways, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-compliant ramp and wood framed enclosure under the north terrace

• New seismic bracing, grade beams and new concrete decks

• Replace approximately 1,350 seats

• Replace non ADA-compliant ramp at the upper entrance to the north terrace

• Replace electrical infrastructure and HVAC ductwork at the underside of both terraces

• Replace the emergency generator

• New concrete waterproofing over new concrete decks

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