Line By Line: British duo bring ballpoint pen art to Echo Park

Sunny of Kai & Sunny touches up a work | Courtesy of Subliminal Projects

ECHO PARK — What bored student hasn’t filled a spiral notebook with ballpoint pen doodles and drawings.  The British artistic duo known as Kai & Sunny also use ballpoint pens — the archival variety — and paper. But their ballpoint art is far more elaborate and over-the-top, composed of countless, fine and colorful lines that form geometric patterns, shapes and waves across paper and other materials. This weekend, Kai & Sunny present a new series of this work in a month-long exhibit at Subliminal Projects.

The show, Crossed Wave,  features archival ballpoint pen on paper and acrylic on primed aluminium panel.  Kai & Sunny have also collaborated with Subliminal Projects owner and artist Shepard Fairey on an original pen piece that will be included in the exhibition.

  • Crossed Wave
  • Exhibit runs Aug. 19 – Sept. 16. Opening opening on Saturday, Aug. 19 from 8 pm – 11 pm.
  • Subliminal Projects, 1331 Sunset Blvd., Echo Park

Here’s a summary from Subliminal Projects about what to expect:

“Crossed Wave is comprised of two narratives; fluid deconstructed landscapes representing a calm isolation, and hard-edged geometrics exuding energy and optimism. These parallel concepts are characterized by the duo’s hallmark precision line-work, a slow methodic process of building individual thin lines upon each other creating tense kinetic compositions while a certain fragility remains. The tidal-like waves and intense sunbursts hint at the changing environment we live in and the fragile planet we all share.”

Circle cross section by Kai & Sunny | Courtesy Subliminal Projects

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