Lowriders return to Whittier Boulevard for a Saturday night of cruising

EAST LOS ANGELES — It looked like the days of old. Lowriders and classic cars and bikes of all types jammed Whittier Boulevard on Saturday night as admirers gathered along the sidewalks to watch the slow-moving parade. This was once a common weekend scene until authorities cracked down on cruising in the wake of complaints and concerns about public safety. Saturday’s Whittier Blvd Cruise Night looked to be a one-time event but some have noticed a resurgence of cruising on the boulevard.

Photographer and East L.A. resident Aurelio Jose Barrera was surprised to see all the cruisers when he went out to take some photos of what he expected to be another sleepy night on Whitter Boulevard. He said on his blog:

“Took a walk to Whittier Blvd expecting to shoot some pictures of taco trucks and a few quiet street scenes. The line of cars started far east of Simmons Ave and and continued west past the Whittier Boulevard sign.”

Barrera said there were hundreds of cars on Whittier. He did not know how frequent Saturday night cruising has become on Whitter but “a friend noticed cruising a couple of weeks ago,” he said. “Lots of people shooting video and photos.”

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