Silver Lake stairway gets a colorful makeover

Photo courtesy Casey Revkin-Maugér

SILVER LAKE —  Casey Revkin-Maugér looks forward to early morning walks up the Swan Place Stairway with her dog Baxter and being rewarded with a Downtown view from the top of the stairs.  After a neighborhood program was launched last year to adopt and care for Silver Lake’s public stairways, Revkin-Maugér teamed up with friend and artist Eve Dastmalchian to create a series of murals along the Swan Place Stairway.

Last month, Dastmalchian began painting brightly-colored and geometric murals along the stairway, which is composed of more than 360 steps divided over three flights of stairs.

“I’ve enjoyed watching in recent years as more and more people have come to appreciate” the neighborhood, said Revkin-Maugér, who is a life-time resident. “But it’s important to me to preserve [Silver Lake’s] original creative character. The bright colors and geometric designs that Eve paints add to the neighborhood’s character while providing continuity with its historical look.

Photo courtesy Casey Revkin-Maugér

Revkin-Maugér and Dastmalchian, who also operates a home decor company, notified neighbors near the stairway, and then began purchasing and accepting donations of house paint for the project.

For the walls on Redesdale, Dastmalchian painted one of her favorite geometric patterns in a color palette – mostly greens and tans with pops of blue and yellow – that complimented the surrounding landscape:  For the walls on Rotary,  Dastmalchian played with a monochromatic, three- dimensional pattern with some lettering.  For the stairs, Dastmalchian said she is going to do one ombre, one color block and some organic shapes and shades.

“The response from the community has been so wonderful,” said  Dastmalchian, who is continuing to paint the stairway. “They have brought me popsicles and offered me their bathrooms. I am very grateful. Even the UPS guy has stopped everyday to thank me and chat.”

Photo courtesy Casey Revkin-Maugér

Photo courtesy Casey Revkin-Maugér

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