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As Souplantation prepares to open its new Atwater Village restaurant and salad bar next week, the San Diego-based chain seemed undecided about where its newest outlet was located. On the company Facebook page, Souplantation asked:

Hey Los Angeles we need your help. We are opening our NEWEST location on Monday, September 17 and we need to know what area you want us to call it, is it Glendale? Los Feliz? Atwater Village? Los Angeles?

While most of the Souplantation Facebook fans recommended against Glendale, they seemed divided over Atwater or Los Feliz.

“Definitely Atwater Village,” said one of the more than 30 Facebook users who left a comment. No, it should be called the Los Feliz Souplanation said another, noting the new restaurant was “close to the Los Feliz exit off the freeway.” A third Facebook commenter offered a compromise: “Maybe Los Feliz/Atwater location.”

What did Souplanation decide? Looks like the firm settled on Atwater Village, judging by a press release received this past weekend by Atwater Village Chamber of Commerce Secretary Luis Lopez. However, the same press release touting the Atwater Village Souplantation said a grand opening celebration would include a fundraiser for an arts program … in Glendale.

* Correction: An earlier version of this post said the new Souplantation would open on Sept. 10. That’s wrong. The opening is scheduled for Sept. 17

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