Maria Flores (left) pictured in 2016 with her daughter

Atwater Village –  Maria Flores, whose burritos and tacos had won praise from neighborhood locals as well as the late chef and author Anthony Bourdain, has died, according to her restaurant’s Twitter feed.

Flores and her family have been dishing out Mexican-American fare for more than 20 years out of Tacos Villa Corona, a small take-out stand on Glendale Boulevard.  While the strip has gentrified with coffee houses and gastropubs, regulars still line up for breakfast burritos.

Flores died  late Saturday afternoon, according to a post on the Tacos Villa Corona Twitter account.  “We thank you all for all your thoughts, prayers, and support,” said the post. “She was a great women who loved everyone selflessly. May she forever be in our hearts.”

Bourdain’s visit to the hole-in-wall restaurant in 2012 was recorded for a Travel Channel program. He ordered the chicken and steak tacos. “Oh. Wow. Why are these so awesome?” he said.  He then made some room for a chorizo and papas breakfast burrito. “Holy crap. This is a whole different story. That’s a torpedo … Wow. I could eat this whole thing.”

Three years ago, the stand was forced to shut down for several weeks after Flores underwent major surgery. But she eventually returned to work behind the grill with her daughter, Felicia

“We have the most beautiful customers,” Flores said after returning to the stand.

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