Australian coffee scene reaches Silver Lake’s Sunset Triangle

New cafe will open at Sunset Triangle Plaza

SILVER LAKE – The Australians are migrating to Sunset Triangle Plaza. Roo Coffee, an Australian coffee spot, is planning to move  into the space where Mornings Nights Cafe used to operate on the pedestrian plaza, Eater LA reports.

Details about the menu are very light so far, except that this coffee place will, indeed, serve coffee – with beans from one of their neighbors, Counter Culture Coffee.

Beyond that, the new owners, Elyse Goyen and Tom and Kate O’Conner, are known less for their food service background than for running Future Fantastic, a creative studio in Brisbane and Los Angeles that has helped launch boutiques by Gucci and Prada.

Roo’s owners are the latest Aussies to join the Eastside coffee and cafe scene. In Elysian Heights, Pollen is expected to open this month while Little Ripper has opened in Glassell Park.

Eater says Roo is aiming to open in late January in the 1500 block of Griffith Park Boulevard.

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