SILVER LAKE -- After delays and numerous critical and mixed reviews, David Robert Mitchell's Under The Silver Lake finally makes it way to U.S. theaters on Friday. 

While many in the film business call Silver Lake home, the neighborhood itself has not served as the main setting for many movies, especially major productions. But after Under the Silver Lake, some might wish the film had been set somewhere else. 

The story of a neighborhood hipster (Andrew Garfield) searching for a woman (Riley Keough) who goes missing from their apartment complex has stirred up strong reactions since its debut last year in Cannes. The film's domestic theatrical debut has been postponed twice and it will go into online distribution only a few days after appearing in theaters.   

Film critics and observers have debated whether Mitchell's crime-thriller will become a Millennial cult classic or just perplexing hipster noir. Now a wider audience, including those in Silver Lake, will soon be able to weigh in.

Here's what some of the recent reviews and stories have to say:

New York Times:


Rolling Stone:


L.A. Times:

Even if Under The Silver Lake doesn't turn out to be your thing, at least you can enjoy some local scenery. 

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