Spaghetti is back sign at Rick's

Rick’s In & Out in Elysian Valley made waves on social media with a simple sign: “SPAGHETTI IS BACK.”

Ever since it went up last summer, the sign has been referenced in photos, memes, social media posts, even Halloween costumes, the L.A. Times said. It's all because Rick’s stopped selling spaghetti when indoor dining shut down during the pandemic. Then when indoor dining and the spaghetti returned, the corner burger and burrito spot updated its sign to let customers know.

Now they sell out of spaghetti twice a week. “It’s crazy, you know?” a manager told the Times. “We’ve gotta make sure we have it.” 

The piece dives deeper into the spaghetti lore of Los Angeles and writer Stephanie Breijo’s quest to order the elusive dish.

In other dining and drinking news:

A new year means new restaurants and bars. Thrillist wrote about some exciting restaurant openings on the calendar for 2022, including Silver Lake’s Bar Moruno, Causita, and Rapido. 

Before ringing in the new year, some publications looked back on 2021. Gogo’s Tacos in East Hollywood got a shout-out from Eater LA about restaurants giving back to their communities in 2021. A portion of their proceeds goes to the Juan Carlos Cantoni Foundation, which provides transitional age youth with educational, professional and mental health services.

Thrillist also looked back on their favorite meals of the year, including many Eastside picks: Silver Lake’s Daybird and Playita Mariscos, Echo Park’s Happy Mediums Deli and Bacetti, East Hollywood’s Flaco and Atwater Village’s Morihiro. And Moo’s Craft Barbecue in Lincoln Heights made the L.A. Magazine list of great restaurant openings.

Participating in Dry January? Last November, we wrote about some Eastside stores and bars that sell alcohol-free spirits. An LAist round up of the best nonalcoholic cocktails included drinks from Silver Lake’s All Day Baby, Los Feliz’s Big Bar and Silver Lake’s Soft Spirits, which is said to be the only nonalcoholic bottle shop in L.A. If you’re looking for suggestions from them, check out this video from the L.A. Times Food team, where they try out 14 different bottles from the Silver Lake shop. 

Perhaps you’re participating in Veganuary instead? Thrillist has you covered with the best vegan picks in the city. Highland Park’s Burgerlords, Silver Lake’s The Vtree and Bulan Thai and Echo Park’s Monty’s Good Burger made the list. 

El Ruso, which operates taco trucks in Silver Lake and Boyle Heights, is spotlighted in the Los Angeles Times. Columnist Gustavo Arellano uses El Ruso to advocate  easing the bureaucratic pressure and rules on street food vendors. “Forget about legalizing them — just let them do their thing,” Arellano wrote, “and let customers decide whether they survive or naturally shut down.” El Ruso landed in the Times' recent list of the 101 best restaurants in Southern California.


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