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Here’s your weekly rundown of Eastside dining and shopping news.

Slowly but surely, retail stores on the Eastside are reopening with the loosening of shelter-in-place restrictions due to COVID-19. What will this new era of shopping look like? In an email, the team at Treehaus in Atwater Village has provided us with a glimpse of what to expect when it reopens today, Friday, May 29. By following the numerous conditions ordered by Los Angeles county and city officials, expect a touch free hand sanitizer at the entrance of the store. Also, a maximum of 4 people will be allowed in the store at a time. Want to try something on? Rest assured that the items will be placed in a quarantine room if they have been tried on already. Ready for checkout? Expect a plexiglass shield between the customer and the cashier and a touch free check out process. Employees will be wearing face masks and gloves. And don’t forget your face mask before heading out to shop! Treehaus is at 3153 Glendale Blvd. in Atwater Village. 

The future of Taix French Restaurant in Echo Park has been the talk as of late. Many object to plans to build a six-story retail and residential complex on the site of the restaurant. But family member and restaurant owner Mike Taix, who sold the property to a developer, supports the change since the project will include a smaller version of his restaurant that is crucial to its future. "This will be the only way Taix can exist," he writes in The Eastsider. Taix French Restaurant is at 1911 Sunset Blvd. in Echo Park. 

As Eastside restaurant owners prepare for reopening, many owners are debating at what point does it make financial sense to reopen since they will have to limit capacity, The Eastsider reports. In Echo Park, El Compadre, which normally has a maximum capacity of 190, will only be able to seat around 70 or 75, said George Jimenez. Ramen of York in Highland Park, which normally has 13 tables, will reduce to about half that number. And Momed Atwater Village will try to keep at least 50 percent of their normal capacity. “Any less than that, and it won’t be worth opening,” said owner Alex Sarkissian. Also expect waiters wearing face masks and partitions between tables.

Here’s some good news for bars. According to Eater LA, The California Department of Beverage Control Board recently moved to allow bars not operating inside of a restaurant to sell cocktails and to-go drinks with a food vendor, such as a licensed caterer, food truck vendor or next-door restaurant. Customers need to purchase food in order to purchase a cocktail or go-to drink and bars need to be working with restaurants that are licensed to operate on the local and state levels.

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