The Echo exterior

The exterior of The Echo nightclub retains the sign of the Nayarit restaurant that used to occupy the building

Many Eastside concert-goers were shocked to hear that industry giant Live Nation has gobbled up The Echo and Echoplex. Mitchell Frank, who founded the two clubs and heads Spaceland Productions, says his staff will remain the same under Live Nation, which will provide him the resources needed to "advocate and promote the artists and music we care about through live music.” 

But, given the comments on Facebook and other places, it's clear not everyone is happy about the two Echo Park clubs becoming part of a giant corporation.

There are numerous other small, independent music venues that are still booking shows across the Eastside. Which is your favorite? Select one below or feel free to add your choice to the comments section.  

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We're looking for places that book music on a regular basis and operate as a standalone business or are not part of a large chain

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