Freedman’s in Silver Lake makes deli food new again

SILVER LAKE – A traditional Jewish deli with a modern twist: What exactly does that mean for Freedman’s, the new restaurant now starting business in a strip mall along Sunset?

For one thing, according to Food and Wine, bagels are “Toronto-style,” meaning small and fluffy – in contrast to the larger, chewier New York style, or the dense, sweeter Montreal variety.

The owners — brother and sister Jonah and Amanda Freedman — have also taken a new approach with pickles, which are made into a salad with avocados and nasturtiums, Food and Wine says. A menu on Freedman’s Instagram indicates the nasturtiums also make their way onto the lox with egg salad on a bagel. The brisket is served with roasted bone marrow and fried potatoes.

Freedman’s is located in the 2600 block of Sunset Boulevard in Silver Lake.

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