Christopher Kwok, owner of Hey Hey | Courtesy Christopher Kwok

Echo Park  – Four years ago, Christopher Kwok quit his consultant job at a Big Four consulting firm to start making drinks. Not alcoholic drinks, but combinations of coffees, teas, boba – drinks.

Now the boba cafe he opened last winter – Hey Hey, on Sunset – has been profiled by L.A. Magazine as a stand-out in the city’s hand-crafted drink scene.

“Kwok prides himself on offering fresh-brewed teas and making the syrups, jellies, creams, and puddings used in Hey Hey’s drinks from scratch,” the magazine reports, “a far cry from the powdered mixes and nondairy creamers common at many chains.”

A year ago as he was about to get the business started, Kwok wrote about his decision to quit the corporate world and open a cafe – which meant, first of all, breaking into the cafe business as an employee.

“I was rejected a total of 73 times, three times from the same place,” he wrote. “Eventually, my persistence was rewarded ever so handsomely with an unpaid trainee position.”

But four years later, Kwok is realizing a dream he’s had since a young age.

“When I was 9, I sipped my first virgin pina colada,” he wrote. “I still remember the sweet coconut slush blessing every taste receptor in my mouth. Even at a young age, I was excited to create beverages.”

Hey Hey is at 1555 W. Sunset Blvd.

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