Mr. Holmes brings the Cruffin to Highland Park

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse pictured in 2016.

HIGHLAND PARK —  The opening of Mr. Holmes Bakehouse in 2016 was met with long lines of customers eager to try the cruffin, a croissant-muffin hybrid that had been a big hit for the San Francisco-based bakery.

But now Mr. Holmes apparently is looking for a new local spot to bake it's Cruffins and other pastries. The Art-Deco style building that houses the bakery and cafe on Avenue 59 off of Figueroa is for up for lease

Where is Mr. Holmes going to Go?

"We're either going to go to a lower rent similar space or we're going to go to a lower rent bigger space," said Aaron Caddel, chief executive officer of the bakery. "Retail is a fraction of our LA operation and with the new e-commerce component, we probably need more space (for cheaper) to accommodate all of our needs. But regardless, with uncertainty around what's next for the industry and our wholesale accounts, everything is on the table for discussion around what our next moves are. Optimally, we'd like to have a retail presence but don't need to have our production facility be on premise of a retail site."

No word yet on how much longer Mr. Holmes will remain in its current location. 

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse is at 111 S Avenue 59 in Highland Park.

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