“Keep Calm and We Will Return” —  Brooklyn Bagel postpones bakery for another three months

HISTORIC FILIPINOTOWN  — Back in January the owner of Brooklyn Bagel Bakery, which  closed its Beverly Boulevard location two years ago after after the building was declared unsafe, said it would reopen by Memorial Day.  That obviously proved overly optimistic because the bakery remains closed, with a sign reading “Keep Calm and We Will Return” hanging on the facade over a row of broken windows. Now, Brooklyn Bagel is saying it will take another three months before the bakery will reopen.

The company said on Facebook that the repairs and construction began earlier this month after plans were finally approved by the city and county agencies. While the Beverly Boulevard bakery has been closed,  wholesale production for Brooklyn Bagel Bakery has continued elsewhere.

A check with the city’s Building & Safety website shows that permits have been issued to convert a former pharmacy attached to the damaged building  into a take-out bakery and retail business with hours of operation from 7 am to 11 pm.

“We are hoping to be opened in about 3 months,” the bakery said in a Facebook post. “We can’t wait to get some bagels cooking in our retail store again.”

But when it reopens, the once spare bakery will have “a more cafe-like experience,” owner Vanik Elchibegian told Eater L.A. earlier this year. Says Eater:

“Don’t worry, this won’t become a new minimalist coffee haven for hip kids moving into the area; expect the same old school charm and feel as ever before.”

Brooklyn Bagel, founded in 1953 by Seymour Friedman, moved to the  2200 block of Beverly in 1965, according to the company website.

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