Mascarpone-honey cake or a chamomile-milk tart? Pastries putting Frogtown restaurant on the culinary map

Here tomorrow gone tomorrow brunch 10-2 ?: @sarahbearclaw

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ELYSIAN VALLEY —  LA Weekly spotlighted pastry chef Sarah Lange of Elysian, a restaurant and venue hidden behind a wood fence on Clearwater Street. The chef’s resumé illustrates the sweet song of success – from her start at Cake Monkey, experimentation at Hart and the Hunter, a granola-making side job that turned into her Bearclaw Kitchen enterprise, and now her position as Elysian’s pastry chef.

Lange is certainly making a name for herself with the chocolate torte, mascarpone-honey cake, chamomile-milk tart with strawberries,and cherry-rye hand pies that she currently dishes out at Elysian. Elysian is located in the 2800 block of Clearwater Street in Elysian Valley.

— Cecilia Padilla-Brill

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