Los Feliz – Mexico City, the casual Mexican restaurant and bar that has been anchoring the corner of Hillhurst and Avocado Street for 25 years, has announced it’s closing in November. No reason has been given.

In a statement published in Eater L.A., the ownership credited its longevity to the neighborhood, saying, “We recognize what a popular and beloved destination Mexico City has become over the years, so we wanted to give as much notice as possible.”

When the restaurant opened 25 years ago, the description in the

L.A. Times

makes it sound like the restaurant hasn’t changed much over the quarter century: “… Commodious red booths house blond wood tables, and the walls are the matte, tamped-down orange of an ancho chile sauce.”

If the restaurant hasn’t changed much, however, the neighborhood around it has – with a corner eatery of this size becoming an increasingly valuable commodity.

Eater adds that no new tenant for the property has been announced.

What would you like to see replace Mexico City?

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