New community garden grows in Elysian Valley

After more than two years of work, the Elysian Valley Community Garden will hold a grand opening garden party on Sunday, March 24 on the nearly quarter-acre parcel on Blake Avenue. The garden was the idea of Cyndi Hubach, a Silver Lake resident who owns the lot and the live-work loft building across the street. After leaving behind a career in reality television, Hubach became interested in sustainable living practices and community gardens.

“Community gardens kept coming up as a way to integrate the natural environment into the urban one, to connect people with their land, their food and with each other,” said Hubach in an email. “So, I thought, ‘Hey! I’ve got some land. Let’s make one here!'”

While Hubach pays the property taxes on the land, other groups have step forward to help pay for and support other parts of the garden. A large portion of the $10,000 perimeter fence, for example, was covered by the Jewish Federation of Los Angeles, which will be honored on at the party on Sunday. A combination of grants from the Elysian Valley Neighborhood Council, Council District 13 and businesses help pay for 30 raised beds.

About two dozen gardeners are already growing everything from lettuce and carrots to kale and herbs. There is still room for more gardeners, Hubach said. “One of the primary objectives of the event on Sunday is to bring local people into the garden and show them what we’re up to and what they can do there.”

The garden also servers as a tribute to Hubach’s father, who grew his own food, including chickens, generated power from solar panels and even relied on his own water supply. He was into a self-sustainable living “long before it was fashionable,” said Hubach, who planted dahlias in the garden last year in honor of her father who had just passed away.

“I’m just trying to expand on his vision.

The Elysian Valley Community Garden, 1815 Blake Avenue,  grand opening will begin at 1 p.m.  on Sunday, March 24.

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