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Cheer to L.A moving into the Yellow Tier!

Bars will be able to open indoors at 25% capacity and other pandemic restrictions will be relaxed this week. But some bars owners are going to take a cautious approach before throwing their doors wide open, reports The Eastsider.

A family tradition continues at an El Sereno coffee shop

Coffee runs through Luis Moreno's veins and not just because he owns a coffee shop. Native to El Salvador, his family harvested coffee beans from that country's renown farms and plantations for decades before immigrating to the U.S. Moreno has kept the family's coffee connection alive by opening Mobar Coffee in El Sereno. Read all about his effort to teach his community about single origin and specialty coffee in this week's Neighborhood Flavor.

Netflix Kid show features Boyle Heights' Japanese restaurant 

City of Ghosts is a six-part animated series on Netflix about a group of kids that travel all around Los Angeles interviewing ghosts, solving problems and learning about their city's history. The first episode features one of Boyle Heights' oldest Japanese diners, Otomisan, which was nominated as a historic landmark last year. According to the LA Times, the show includes the voice of Judy Hayashi, whose mother owns the restaurant.

ghost busters 728

Spotted at the Highland Park Jack-in-the-Box

What do Ghostbusters prefer? Jumbo Jacks or Tiny Tacos? Thanks to Todd Frankel for the photo.

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New El Sereno Night Market

If you've driven down Huntington Drive after 5pm on Wednesdays in El Sereno you've probably seen the line-up of tents in the parking spaces. The El Sereno Night Market has wings, crepes, chocolate covered strawberries, candle shop, and clothes. It was started by Mobar Coffee's own Luis Moreno. It began, according to their website, as a way of showcasing local business and "took on a life of its own." 

From smashburger pop-up to restaurant owner in Highland Park and Los Feliz

Goldburger is adding a location in Los Feliz, where the all-vegan Honeybee Burger used to be, says Eater. It started as an Instagram account showcasing burgers across California before it became a pop-up around the Eastside and finally settling in Highland Park. According to Eater, owner Allen Yelent now plans to open their second location this summer.

Los Feliz Kismet splits from Hollywood's Jon & Vinny’s

After more than five years, according to Kismet's Instagram post, Sara Kramer and Sarah Hymanson decided to end their partnership with Italian restaurant Jon & Vinny's to pursue their own independent operations. Their restaurant Kismet Rotesserie is still open in Los Feliz and according to LA Times, they expect to open a new location in Los Angeles.

Bobageddon is real, and we're not here for it

Hey Hey tea house in Echo Park is preparing for a potential boba shortage, the L.A. Times reported. Owner Christopher Kwok says he has enough of the little tapioca balls to last only two more months. Shipments of boba, and everything else, are backed up at the ports, while a drought has cut back on Taiwanese boba production. At Hey Hey, look for herbal jellies and puddings in the tea soon, and more drinks with fruit as boba supplies dwindle.

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