Storefront Report: $5 doughnuts arrive on York Boulevard

Doughnuts under construction at Donut Friend

The gourmet doughnut arrived in Highland Park today with the soft opening of Donut Friend on York Boulevard. Owner Mark Trombino has taken the humble doughnut and turned into a high-end snack, with a wide range of flavors, fillings and toppings from which customers can build their own custom dessert. Look for doughnuts with Greek yogurt and blueberry jam or goat cheese and basil. A friend of The Eastsider stood in line to pick up a plain doughnut for $2  but prices rise to $5 for some combinations.

What’s inside (or on top of) of a $5 doughnut? Consider the Spanish Bomb as described on the Donut Friend menu:

Manchego cheese and quince paste inside our traditional donut, topped with a sugar glaze and tasted almonds

Better hurry. Post-lunch, doughnut lovers were already lined up this afternoon.

Lining up for doughnuts

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