Storefront Report: Figueroa scores a crêpe connection

Chez Antoine | Photos by Nathan Solis

By Nathan Solis

From the kitchen of Chez Antoine wafts the aroma of a ham and cheese crêpe. It sounds simple enough. But when chef Guillaume Sabbadin presents a sunny side up egg nestled in the fold of a crepe that encompasses the entire plate, it’s clear that Chez Antoine is bringing something entirely new to Highland Park.

How many places on Figueroa Street serve authentic French crêpes? The proportions are more than generous, enough to split between two people. Sabbadin hails from the south of France and has many different ideas for the menu.

He wants to expand the pastry selection, offer more blends of flavors. Right now it’s the hallmarks of French cuisine that Chez Antoine offers: onion soup, tuna tartare, boeuf bourguignon, and delectable profiteroles.

Along with the entrees Chez Antoine offers imported fruit ciders held in intricate bottle holders built by owner Antoine Ronda, also owner of HASCAR Auto Body on York Boulevard.

Ronda’s family are the main inspiration for Chez Antoine. When Ronda’s family emigrated from Portugal to Paris in the 1950’s it was his mother’s dream to open a restaurant. Now Ronda’s daughter, Amber, acts as host and waiter at Chez Antoine.

Nathan Solis is a Highland Park resident who writes about and photographs the L.A. music scene. You can find more of Solis stories, reviews and photos at Smashed Chair.

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